October 2014 Rosicrucian Mass Sermon: Babalon & the Beast

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In the sermon for our October 2014, Rosicrucian Mass, we discussed the symbols of Babalon and the Beast, as they are shown to us in Liber Cheth.  These symbols are originally presented in the Starry Gnosis; the amazingly eternal human archetype; drawn into the sky map by the ancients or Secret Chiefs.

Please see the sermon video below, and the notes used to deliver the sermon below that.
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3 thoughts on “October 2014 Rosicrucian Mass Sermon: Babalon & the Beast”

    1. Notes on this sermon:

      There’s a grea book by Peter Grey called: The Red Goddess.
      In it, he makes a most extraordinary claim; the characters in John’s Revelation are archetypes in the human psyche.
      These characters: Babalon & the Beast; “Her Red Dragon Lover & her Anti-Christ Son” belong to our sub-conscious, which then must become conscious in order to attain self-emancipation.

      The sub-text here is that as they remain unconscious, we are enslaved by them. And yet n Christianity, the sensuality and lust that they represent are walled off by TABOO. They then express themselves in the worst way. Our minds become filled with sex & violence as seen on TV and in movies, computer games and political scandal. We thirst for them like animals.

      In Liber Cheth, Babalon is called “The Mother of Abominations.”
      (Verse 1)
      Abomination=w/o God
      The mohter of ‘no god’; the god that is NOT.
      Thou art that and that am I; we are all god.

      The Beast is called “Chaos”.
      Absolute Freedom/Unbridled Freedom
      Babalon astride the Beast=Liberty, as Babalon astride has bridled the Beast.

      (Verse 2)
      We are told to drain all our blood to fill her cup of fornication. She is the Shekinah or Bride of God; fornication is a bridle. We must give our all to this God. And in Revelation, we are told this cup holds the blood of the Saints of God; those who have given their all.

      Now, as the blood is the life force, it is interesting to note that in draining our blood into that Cup, we are mingling our life force with the God that is ALL; the “universal life.”

      (Verse 3)
      But the loss of blood is that self-sacrifice unto God; symbolized in the NT by Jesus on the Cross.

      (Verse 4)
      And the physical body or conscious mind is destroyed; suggesting that we need also to make the conscious mind unconscious; a dual process. The Cross itself is a sacred symbol; much older than the Christian era. In the past, it represents the four corners of the Earth; Gaia; Babalon.

      (Verse 5 & 6)
      And so the dead body or house of the soul is gathered to pass from human life to spiritual life.

      (Verse 7,8 & 9)
      The Cup is called the Holy Graal; that Babalon carries to God. It is because of the taboo that Arthur (humanity) could not find it and Gallahad (spirit) had to do this for him.

      Upon this cross, death, one loses one’s Mother, as Jesus said in Matthew 12:46-50 “Who is my mother?” And even his Father, God; he spits upon his face.

      (Verse 10)
      “My God, why has thou foraken me?” Mark 15:33

      (Verse 11)
      The sacrament of the Graal is the loss of life (Will is the Self) and the Chapel of the Abmonination is the loss of God, which in QBL is the Abyss.

      (Verse 12)
      NT Quote: Matthew 10:39 & 16:25; He who would save his life will lose it.

      (Verse 13 & 14)
      The blessing of Grace does not come to the spiritual coward, but to the Gnostic Warrior.

      (Verses 15-18)
      The attainment is anti-social; for most people do not want the Cup, as the would hold onto their lives. Mothers tell their children, do not become a genius for it is a lonely life. An artist is not recognized until he is dead.

      (Verse 19 & 20)
      Beond life and death and love the life force that I spoke of in my last sermon.

      (Verse 21)
      Your are the crowned child and so am I. Humanity is God coming to know itself. John and Isaiah say you are gods: OT & NT; Isaiah 41:23, John 10:34.

      (Verse 22)
      Nuit and Hadit are then, even beyond the archetypes of Babalon and the Beast. The are ‘NOT’ known.


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