November 2014 Rosicrucian Mass Sermon: On the Secret Chiefs

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The Secret Chiefs have played an important part in the development of Thelema.  Their ideological origin seems to be with the Hidden Mahatmas of the Theosophists in the XIXth Century ev.  But they may also belong to the apocryphal origins of beings like the Nephilim and Annunaki.  And today, they may even be extraterrestrials; our modern angels.

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3 thoughts on “November 2014 Rosicrucian Mass Sermon: On the Secret Chiefs”

  1. Sermon Notes:

    We don’t postulate a god that looks over us; protecting and/or punishing us.

    How did such a god evolve n our philosophical inquiry?–he came originally through the worship of ancestors.

    If we return to his idea, we know from our theosophical inquiry, that there are ancient souls that have existed since the time that humanity first evolved on this planet reincarnating, perfecting themselves and evolving to what we would call today, praeternatural intelligence.

    Newer souls are being created all the time. These souls are less experienced and also of lesser intelligence.

    But for the ancient souls, some remain incarnate; the Bodhisattva of Buddhist philosophy; for example. And others have shed their mortal skin, but still remain within the holographic, etheric matrix that surrounds our planet; Mother Earth.

    And both can be contacted. Indeed, Carl Jung asserts that someone truly on a spiritual path will ultimately encounter one of these beings. Jung described them as “chance meetings that prove to be profoundly curious.” –synchronicity

    Likewise, the Theosophists called these Secret Chiefs, “Hidden Mahatmas” –secret masters

    I’ve worked deeply on my spirituality and I can tell you two marvelous stories.

    As a preamble, I have been for years now, researching spirituality as a science, controlling the body with a particular interest in cancer as an evolutionary agent that fails in some.

    1. Living in Florida, I was hitch-hiking one day and engaged in casual conversation with the gentlemen that picked me up. As the ride progressed, he told me that he was a laboratory researcher working on curing cancer and believed people higher up had years ago, found a cure for cancer; but as they could make no money on it, the secret was being guarded and deliberately withheld. I didn’t know what to make of this, as it came from out of the blue and it weighed on my recollections as I continued my research. (I have a large website devoted to this BTW).

    2. A few years later, I’m living in NJ and working in a Costco, selling pianos for a company I was freelancing for. A gentleman came up to me one morning and asked me about his Baldwin baby grand. I must have spent about 45 minutes with him; providing information that he evidently found quite valuable. At the end of the conversation, out of the blue, he says this:

    “I am really grateful for all the time you spent with me; knowing that I would not be buying a piano from you today. And to repay the favor, I have to tell you that I’m a medical artist and you need to learn about phosphorylation. It’s something you’ve been looking for.”

    He spelled the word for me and bid me to go home and look it uop, which I of course, did.

    It unlocked everything in my research and opened up avenues for me in my spirituality that I didn’t know existed.

    Crowley writes in a letter to one of his students:

    “The may send an ordinary living man, whether one of themselves or no, I cannot feel sure, to instruct me in some task, or set me right when I have erred.”

    These masters have a plan for the aid and development of mankind. Indeed that is what real Magick is about; for the individual, we call it Gnosis.

    In pseudpegriphic literature, we have the idea of a legion of Holy Guardian Angels with one angel assigned to each and every human being; waiting for the opportunity to be of service.

    The point of the SC is of the highest order of Magick; referred to as Ophidian Vibrations.

    Crowley says they have the power “to induce a girl to embroider a tapestry, or initiate a political movement to culminate in world war; all in pursuit of some plan wholly beyond the purview or the comprehension of the deepest and subtlest thinkers. I am reminded of the Vorlons in B5.

    Some of his praeterhhuman contacts include names, such as: Aiwass, Amalantra, and Abuldiz.

    Archangels, such as Michael and Ratziel in the Bible have also been given such distinction. (the prophet Ezekiel)

    As ancient souls, they are said to exist on higher planes of being in praeternatural form…the next step in human evolution.

    AL:I.10 “Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.”

    10. Few individuals, & those beyond the understanding of mankind are fitted to work to complete the scheme of nature which contemplates the realisation in actual experience of all the possibilities of every individual. Such persons commanding types of experience exceeding the normal are able to direct the actions of the majority whose scope is universally understood.

    10. Masters of Mankind defined.
    Those who adore and love all things alike, for that they are of Truth, are yet but few, and are not known of men. Yet being free of fear and lust their power controls the many whose souls are subject to limit, the limit of knowledge,
    which is always two, and can be counted.

    Crowley writes further on the power wielded by the Secret Chiefs:

    “These powers move in dimensions of time and space quite other than those with which we are familiar. Their values are incomprehensible to us. To a Secret Chief, wielding this weapon, ‘The nice conduct of a clouded cane’ might be infinitely more important than a war, famine and pestilence such as might exterminate a third part of th erace, to promote whose welfare is the crux of His oath, and the sole reason of His existence!”

    The communication from Aiwass is one of central importance to we Gnostics who call ourselves Thelemites. In order to keep ourselves form perverting his message, we are admonished to not change so much as the style of a letter in Liber AL.

    All revealed religion has the mark of such intelligences as the Secret Chiefs. Hence, the Torah and the Koran become profoundly significant–though they belong to the past and not the present.

    Something similar may be said of the NT, but it has been severely edited over the past two millenia and serves more the order of confusion today.

    This is why AL was communicated to us and why, as MOtta siad, we would call ourselves the true Christians.

    We have restored the one true secret that exists in the Old and New Testaments, but which institutional Christianity ignores in order to conserve its power over us.

    That we are all gods!


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