January 2015 Rosicrucian Mass Sermon: On The Egregore


The world is a perfect amalgam of all our thoughts; collectively displayed before us in each moment.  Therefore, the world is exactly as it should be, as we, its creators, have made it.  Because of this, realize that if you have a complaint about the world, it’s not really indicative of a problem in the world itself; but a problem you have in yourself.

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2 thoughts on “January 2015 Rosicrucian Mass Sermon: On The Egregore”

  1. Sermon Notes:

    Thought is substance
    Beta, Delta, Alpha waves
    and waves can also be particles

    To put a thought together and have a group of people focus on it — a group vision, something can even be built to physical appearance.

    Matthew 18:20
    For where two or three have gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.

    Imagine millions of people, over thousands of years!

    The egregore of any being; real or imaginary, and especially a character that creates strong emotion in us, can be created.

    In terms of actual people, their egregores can even be quite destructive. We’ve heard of pop stars buying into their own PR.

    So one’s public image creates a persona that can take on a life of its own.

    How much has Jesus changed over the years?

    Egregore is a Greek word defined as:
    1. to rouse from sleep
    2. to be excited by passion
    3. to be awake
    4. to watch

    It is used to describe the place between awake and asleep; that we call the Astral Plane.

    In the Book of Enoch, the Annunaki and Nephilim–these Sons of God were also called Watchers & Shining Ones; later made out to the 4 archangels–the Watcher Stars that mark the four seasons of the year.

    These Watchers, or Shining Ones were said to have descended around 1000 BCE and the have taken Enoch to Paradise. This seems to connect to the idea of the Secret Chiefs; we discussed in last month’s sermon.

    And so it may be that there are great seers amongst us that maintain these ancient egregores.

    Let’s not forget that all dead masters have left an egregor behind that unfortunately, have been built up by their psychophantic followers.

    Jesus, Mohammed, Moses
    St. Germain, Krsna
    All of these & others:
    Crowley, Blavatsky

    All of these have grown stronger & taken on more adherents with so many different conceptions of who & what they are, that they have become blind forces; chaotic in nature.

    So it becomes important for us to establish a new egregore & to remember that it is there to serve us in our time & not for all time. Let the future have its own egregore.

    Through the imagery created in mythology, which for us is Babalon & the Beast, but as well that archetype that composes them:
    This is the two headed eagle
    the history that came before Baphomet
    that we that is the ancient
    espouse Demiurge or Lord of this world.

    that we forge our new egregore.

    Our church stands as the conduit to inspire our congregation to keep this vision alive in the astral. Feed it and make it strong.

    So we come here to the idea of a current; called by many today, as the ’93 Current’–It is what Babalon & the Beast represent to us: Light, Life, Love and Liberty.

    These are our spiritual aims; called the OBEAH & in this astral/spiritual plane of human consciousness, the OBEAH takes shape. But it needs its Wanga & that is the material reflection of the spiritual image–OUR CHURCH.

    So those who come here & those who join us on this new astral plane called the Internet all find inspiration in Babalon & the Beast


    And so the OBEAH in each, ourselves is built to form, as we learn how to make our way successfully in this world of contending forces.

    And for each of us we materialize the egregore through the church; where two or more are gathered in its name.

    The church then is the Magickal Childe that manifests our community, as for each of us,t he hearth in our homes is the altar; the summit & mount that is the Wanga of our private lives…we each being the Magickal Childe.


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