February 2015 Rosicrucian Mass Sermon: Revealed Religion


Many religions hold to sacred texts that build both the mythos by which a people can identify themselves and a moral code by which they can conduct their lives.  Such words within these texts are considered sacred and often identified to be from a source outside the prophet or shaman that is revealing them.  In this way the authenticity and power of said holy words becomes as a proven fact.  Indeed, such words transfix or attention and fill us with a sense of awe.

Please see the sermon video below, and the notes used to deliver the sermon below that.
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2 thoughts on “February 2015 Rosicrucian Mass Sermon: Revealed Religion”

  1. Here are the notes used for the sermon:
    In pre-agrarian times, aboriginal people formed hunter-gatherer tribes and the shaman ruled and guided the people.
    He took them to fertile ground where animals were plenty to hunt and fruits and nuts were easy to gather.
    And he healed their afflictions, and he was responsible for the telling of stories:
    The elders and ancestors,
    myths of the gods and spirits as forces of nature.
    And he defined the tribe and gave it its identity.
    The stories and myths and the day-to-day exigencies of the tribe were the result of his contact with the spirits and his advice on appeasing these spirits was paramount.

    Human culture ultimately evolves and we formulate and organize ourselves into agrarian city-states. and the shaman that was the leader of the tribe becomes the king who either is a god-Pharaoh or has direct communication with god.
    And a new type of revelation is produced by which the message of gods and spirits are communicated to the people.
    The most famous of this today is Moses and his receiving of the Torah on Sinai–with only a short time later, Mohammed talking to an angel-Gabriel-in a cave.

    Christianity posits the god coming directly to the people and taking on human form to directly communicate its message.
    And by this time, many people have developed the talent for prophecy–the the Judaic tradition of in the Greco-Roman culture.
    Even the artists; e.g. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, are prophetic as they read the map of stars in the Starry Gnosis…
    As did the Hebrew prophets; telling us that you didn’t have to be king to have an exclusive communication with gods and spirits.

    A revealed religion is based on information communicated from the spiritual world to humanity through a medium; usually a prophet.
    It should produce new Gnosis, which comes from the unique heart of new prophets; each generation needing to forge it own connection with the divine.

    Revelation=a divine message
    a. spoken by god
    b. voices only a prophet can hear
    c. a dream, or divine inspiration
    d. vision
    e. physical marks, such as stigmata
    (Motta would say this is the work of a Christist demon or vampire)

    The difference between a prophet and a psychopath is very slim.
    Note: False prophets use ‘code words’ that they claim to be a divine messenger and also have authority because of their message.

    In our own sophisticated world today, the Qabalah present a way to ‘prove’ a divine revelation.
    a. certain synchronicities must be found:
    1. numerically
    2. literally by the letters and words
    AL:II.75 “Aye! listen to the numbers & the words:”
    Crowley’s proof of AL is by using the Hebrew Qabalah.
    The QBL provides tools to ‘decode’ sacred texts and foster those synchronicities that provide for “continuous revelation”–the results of which we call ‘New Gnosis.”
    Amaneunsis-receiving dictation usually from ascended masters (Secret Chiefs)
    Not all mystics are prophets, but all prophets are mystics.

    Other revelations:
    10 Commandments + Torah
    John’s Revelation
    Book of Mormon

    Automatic writing is part of the key.
    Revelation delivers “truth” & knowledge; evokes Gnosis in the reader.

    Some Vedas are considered by Hindus to be ‘apauruseya’ or “not human compositions; usually a ‘superhuman or an impersonal force. We Thelemites say–Praeternatural.

    In Abrahamic religion, all prophecy present the process by which God reveals himself to humanity.
    God can also be said to reveal himself through his creation. (Deistic)
    The Roman church claims to have received the teaching that God was in Jesus.

    Moses 600 BCE Torah-Law
    Ireneaus/Constantine invent Jesus 300 EV (from 0 EV)
    Mohommed 600 EV Quran-Reading or Reciting
    Qabalah-Recieving 1200 EV
    Nostradamus 1554 EV
    Joseph Smith 1830 Book of Mormon (Adherent, Practitioner, Founder)
    HPB 1888 EV Secret Doctrine
    Aleister Crowley 1904 EV Liber AL vel Legis (God or Law)

    Intuition develops Divination develops Prophecy


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