Our Semestral Word for the Vernal Equinox is: “unto.”  It’s a word that takes us to the very tip of the Abyss and the highest Initiation.  This is indeed where one would meet the Dweller on the Threshold and confront those remaining personality issues that are attached to the psyche.  The body has been abandoned and there is no defense from the Dweller; except the moral force that would produce the impeccability required to survive this very dangerous precipice.

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  1. Here are the notes for the sermon:

    Semestral Word is “unto.”

    Dweller on the Threshold
    or Guardian of the Threshold

    Initiatory Actor

    First used by Bulwer-Lytton
    (in his novel: Zanoni; considered
    to be his Adeptus Minor Thesis
    by Crowley)

    This is an example of New Gnosis

    HPB says it’s the discarded astral double
    of an individual from a previous life
    that may not have fully disintegrated
    when the individual is reborn.


    The Dweller is the sum total of all the
    personality characteristics, instinctual
    tendencies, in herited glamors and wrong
    mental attitudes that have remained
    unconquered and unstable or unsubdued,
    and which must be overcome before
    intitiation can truly be taken; the sum
    total of the forces of the lower nature,
    according to Alice Bailey (Crowley?).
    This develops into a complete personality
    that then meets the “Angel of the Presence”
    so that eventually, the personality must be
    dissolved into this angel.

    The ‘Angel of the Presence’ is one’s ‘fiery
    aspiation’ per Patanjali and when the two
    meet, the disciple find himself in the
    ‘center of the burning ground’; found on the
    threshold of every new advance until the 3rd
    Initiation has been taken. The Dweller does
    not emerge out of the fog or illusion &
    glamour until the disciple is nearing the
    Gates of Life. Only when one can catch a dim
    glimpse of the Portal of Initiation;
    witnessing an occaissional flash of Light
    rom the Angel of the Presence, who stands
    waiting beside the door, can he come to grips
    with the principle of duality, which is
    embodied for him in the Dweller and the Angel.

    Several teachers talk about the Dweller:
    HPB, Rudolf Steiner, Dion Fortune

    Zanoni as New Gnosis builds upon the 4 stages
    of the Soul described by Plato:

    1. music
    2. mysticism
    3. prophecy
    4. love

    …and Lytton giv es us 7 stages:

    1. musician
    2. art, love & wonder
    3. theurgia
    4. Dweller on Threshold
    5. effects of the Elixir
    6. superstition deserting faith
    7. reign of terror

    In the novel, the protagonist: Zanoni
    is a ver old Soul and one of the Secret Chiefs.

    Superstitious religions tell you about your
    Soul after death (and forget the Spirit;
    altogether) but do not tell you about its use
    in this life.

    HPB refers to the Dweller in the plural, as
    being blind forces that dwell in the astral;
    some vicious and that surround us. These can
    only be controlled and directed by the Adept;
    pure in mind and spirit.


    These are the elemental beings of the lower
    astral; first encountered with the first
    An impure being will attract some of these
    forces and become possessed by them; even
    their champion. While others may attract the
    more benevolent of htese forces and become
    great healer, et al.


    The Dweller becomes a power in our lives, as
    soon as we take hold of a true aspiration
    unto truth; because in theis world of duality,
    we must then simultaneously find a lie.

    And the path do Adepthood is to transcend both.

    But you can’t utnil you’ve engaged in the struggle.

    There is therefore an inner Dweller and an outer
    Dweller. The inner is the embodiment of all one
    uncsonscious thoughts and the outer is in the
    chaotic thoughts of out culture. But the inner
    will be projecdted outwards and that which is
    already outer will attack us in teh dark; where
    we cannot see and blindside and sucker punch us.

    To fight the Dweller:

    The Pantacle help us to see and idenitfy those
    lower forces in our nature.
    The Knife helps us to cut them out.
    The Cup opens us up to receive the Divine in
    our hearts and…
    The Wand directs the force of our Aspiration.

    The Dweller on the Threshold is a Rosicruican
    concept that accompanies another Rosicrucian
    expression; crossing the Threshold.

    Often the Aspirant finds himself before an open
    doorway; facing a new opportunity. He has but
    to ‘cross the threshold.’ But at the same time,
    the Dweller appears and falsely warns him with
    doubt and fear.

    Choronzon is the ultimate Dweller on the
    Theshold–the would have you hold unot the ego
    and its tendencies; just wehn you need to let go
    of them.

    All new experience is perceived as if stepping into
    a dark chamber wherin the Dweller is the first to
    be encountered. And he will ask you to choose
    between light and dark = And you need to know that
    once in, the chamber will light right us. This
    is exemplified by man y who choose the Devil they
    know against and over the angel they don’t. It’s
    the result of fear and ignorance.

    To step into that higher chamber of Initiation,
    there is a price to be paid–the Dweller will hold
    you accountable for all the foibles of your lower
    nature. A karmic adjustment must be endured.
    Karmic debts will be paid in order to cleanse &
    fortify the Soul, which can tear the unprepared
    initiate apart.


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