We all must establish for ourselves the meaning for our lives; this responsibility is the noble journey.  So that to have soul is to act impeccably throughout our lives.  It is a matter of how we conduct ourselves in the relation of how one may represent oneself to him or herself.  But all of this must be met with a faith we must hold for ourselves; about and in ourselves.  And there is more than chance to doubt this at some point; though experience can dispel our fears.

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  1. Notes for the Dark Night of the Soul

    1. Crisis of Faith
    As Gnostics, we have no faith; no faith in a supernatural god.
    That we are god, the faith we just hold is in ourselves.
    2. The world of contending forces means that the world is always pre-
    disposed to telling us “no.”
    You’re too tall; too short; too fat; too skinny; too smart; too stupid.
    3. The crisis of self comes with the initial struggle to define the world on your own terms.
    And this takes a special caliber person, as the world seeks
    conformity; despising individualism..
    And so the first part of this crisis or at least the setup for it is in
    People will rebuke you for not going along with the program.
    4. So you find yourself out of step with the world and enemies seem
    to pop up everywhere.
    Yet, even as you suffer reputation issues, you will meet those who
    will quietly support you–but only in the dark.
    And is is only from yourself that you can even trust such people.
    5. In my own life, I found myself going through a period where it was as
    if I was being blown about by the wind.
    Family & friends all but seem to have abandoned me. And the
    loneliness was almost unbearable.
    But I persisted and acted alone with purposeful disregard for any
    sense of place; but to create my own house.
    6. It is here that you are in the darkest night that you must hold your
    doubt at bay. Self loathing becomes a way of life, until all care for
    recognition is abandoned.
    7. It is then you will see that you’ve always honored the L.V.X. inside
    you, which encouraged the darkness about you. And the world
    could only see your audacity TO BE.
    8. To step back, what of this original vision that would cause one to
    step out of the surety of one’s family belief structure–focused on the
    external god?
    The struggle to make the separation mans that surety must be more
    painful than the fear of the unknown that one is stepping into.
    This is the very character of valor & makes the Gnostic.
    9. You know you’re in the Dark Night as you will find yourself hard
    There are no certain steps ahead of you–only choices; each
    w/uncertain outcomes.
    10. You will find that you are as if in flight with no safe landing.
    The “folk folly” mocks y our every step; just waiting for you to fall.
    11. And you are held ‘in-between’ security and disaster.


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