Creativity is an important part of spiritual work and so much so, that even a little bit of it can produce great spiritual insight.  However, there are those who basically have very little of their own insight into the nature of their lives, they become sycophants of their spiritual teachers and come to depend on the spiritual insight of their teachers.  After the master dies, they then claim an authoritative insight into the teachings of the master; over and above all else that may approach his or her writings and his or her memory.  Be forewarned, this sycophant is a parasite; a second-hander who cannot produce anything creative or original and who has no spiritual vision of his or her own: this is the practice of necromancy.

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  1. Necromancy-It’s Not What You Think

    It is said to be a method of divination by talking to dead people.

    Let us list all the dead masters; some of whom have been turned into gods:

    Osiris Jesus Confucius
    Krsna Mohammed Lao Tze
    Moses Crowley Buddha

    Religions are in place around the memories of the spiritual experiences of these dead men.

    It has been said that when the master dies, he leaves the current.

    What is a spiritual current?
    The paradigm that a community uses to recognize mythos.
    Philosophers talk paradigm; Shamans, Artists & Priests weave
    This all wells up from our collective unconscious; that exists in the
    here & now. A dead man is not here.

    Whether a master lives again or not is no matter; he or she is clearly departed.

    His spiritual experience is only a memory in the record & people that left behind.

    Such must be at least once-removed; if not twice-removed from the actual experience. and for us it can not even be a memory.

    So why would we constantly invoke these dead men; as if they were alive?

    Gnosis is your experience in the present.

    An appeal to the authority of a dead man cannot be anything more than a political power play.

    In our own form of Gnosis, we can lay claim to the heritage of many great names-and indeed their record must speak to us. But it must remain secondary to our own Gnosis; our own spiritual experience in the here and now.

    Today we have some wonderful masters in our line; but they have sycophants who lay claim to their authority in driving their own control over their memory:
    Bill Breeze-Crowley
    Michael Staley-Kenneth Grant
    Ray Eales/David Bersson-Motta
    Society of Inner Light-Dion Fortune

    And these men will deny you if your experience in any way contradicts what they say their master represents; as if he was still in the present.

    This can be nothing else but pure necromancy.

    Christians will tell you that god loves this or hates that.
    Muslims will tell you that they speak for Allah & pronounce who is and who is not an infidel.

    And we live in eternal war; making more dead; a perpetual necromancy.

    They burn books and destroy art, as they murder human history.

    We’ve seen these necromancers alter the record of the dead masters.
    Christians altered the Bible & so did the Jews.
    Muslims re-wrote the Koran
    & Hinduism is all about re-writing the nature of their record; turn the
    Vedas to the Upanishads.

    Even in our line, the Caliphate has now re-written our most sacred text.

    And the practice of rituals by all these groups involve symbols they’ve forgotten and/or never knew. This is the very nature of superstition.
    –Another form of necromancy.


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