Most every religious group, as well as the more fringe Pagan and Magickal groups are cults or platforms for cult-like behavior.  These behaviors are as manners taught; socially tolerable or acceptable behaviors, such as bending the knee in supplication to political or divine power.  And that these two combine; even in American culture, set up political cults that even in larger measure are often referred to as political parties.

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  1. Cults & Cultic Behavior

    1. Every group is a cell;
    the larger ones are
    in society.
    A. Christmas/romans
    B. They all started small
    C. They each claim a corner
    on the truth.

    2. If membership is required
    in order to presereve your
    well-being in this life
    or to have a good.
    after-life, there is a problem
    A. Some will tell you
    personal safety or
    personal wealth can be
    obtained or purchased.
    B. Some will use fear
    tactics to control your
    1. the excuse is that it
    generates good behavior
    2. the excuse is that it
    creates a better society

    3. It is important that one strive
    to keep sovereignty over your own
    person; body, soul & spirit.
    A. Human dignity is paramount.
    AL:II.22 “…fear not that any
    God shall deny thee for this.”
    B. Do not place your trust in a
    guru, priest or any leader;
    real or supernatural.
    C. Any promise of reward or
    salvation isn this life or
    the next is a false promise.

    4. Offense taken by leadership or
    the rank-and-file against criticism
    is an example of cultic behavior.
    A. If y ou or the group is so
    great, you don’t need validation
    from others.
    B. Vengeance or vindictive behavior
    is a mind-control technique.
    C. Any true god does not care about
    anyone’s opinion.

    5. Society doesn not need to be
    structured in any way to promote the
    tenets of your religion.
    A. This is a cult’s best way to
    gain political control and is
    used to generate hate among
    people in order to make a
    ruling group wealthy & to
    maintain their power.

    6. Leaders of any group do not have an
    inside track on wisdom or what any god
    likes or dislikes.
    A. This can be used to manipulate
    B. This can be used to hypnotize &
    brainwash people.
    C. Sexual manipulation is often
    connected with this, as sex is
    one of the strongest ways to
    get power over people.

    7. Money is connected with power. When
    giving money to a group, ask, does it
    have a way of benefitting you directly?
    Does the group require more money than
    you can afford to give & still maintain
    your own independence?
    Is the focus on raising money or on
    spiritual instruction?

    8. Paranoia
    A. Fear of outside attack
    B. Fear of ‘evel’ government.
    C. Fear of individuals who are
    said to be enemies of the group.
    D. Fear of other groups.
    E. Fear of objects, incons, symbols,
    other gods or devils.

    9. “My god is better than your god.”
    The problem of machismo.

    10. Violence–physical
    | mental
    | emotional
    directed against internal
    members or external non-
    A. Us against them
    B. We are the holy, they
    are the profane.

    11. Central Authority Figure
    A. Infallible
    B. Unapproachable
    C. Sole source of wisdom
    D. Judge & Jury
    E. Micromanager

    12. Does the group posit a utopia;
    here or elsewhere?
    A. Heaven
    B. Paradise


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