The Holy Qabalah is much more than a manipulation of letters and numbers; words, sentences and the construction of language.  Though it is also these things, it is important to know the many other ways of understanding what is essentially a lifelong effort to bridge the gulf between the self and the divine; to marry the sky and the Earth.

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  1. The Holy Qabalah

    1. A Qabalah is a “system” of mystical study.
    a. The word means “to receive” (KABEL)
    b. It refers to a “received teaching” from an “oral tradition.”
    c. In Hebrew lines, it was passed from oldest son to oldest son.
    d. Study groups form and/or lineages such as the A.’.A.’.
    e. Groups tend to be secret or private, and as such, become a
    ‘cabal.’ A cabal is a small group that might be called a
    clique, artistic ring or group, theatrical band, junta or
    f. Church community: Hylic, Psychic, Pneumatic

    2. The Hebrews formally instituted the Qabalah, but they drew a lot of
    their dideas from their exposure to Greek cutlure, as they came to
    preserve the Western Mystery Tradition thought it.
    a. Stripped of Hebrew culture, we can glean all the tab les &
    sophisticated literal & mathematical elements, to get the
    Hermetic QBL.
    b. But what becomes missing is an analysis of Holy texts and the
    mythical aspect of the QBL, as the Hebrews had the Torah to explore.
    c. The Christians tried & failed w/the New Testament, but built
    a certain mystical doctrine around the name of Jesus & Messiah,
    as well as working w/a certain Holy Table of Jerusalem.
    d. Thelema adds back the myhthos of Holy Books to analyze

    3. From the mystical analysis of the holy text, a system of thurgy is
    a. Thurgy calls for divine intervention in human conswciousness.
    So it is a proactive communication w/the divine.
    b. The central doctrine is that all of cration emanates from Deity.
    b1. This was once the secret of Kings
    b2. Adam Kadmon becomes the holographic archetype.
    b3. Apocalyptic text is the product of communication with
    the divine.

    4. Types of QBL
    a. Dogmatic – Book on the QBL itself.
    a1. My QBL Series: Vol. I Theoretical; Vol. II Practical;
    Vol. III Doctrinal; Vol. IV English.
    a2. Zohar/Mishna for the Hebrews
    c3. Holy Books
    b. Liturgical – manipulation of words & numbers
    – examination of language and alphabets.
    c. Practical – Theurgic practices
    d. Symbolic QBL – study of symbols;Alchemical symbols, Astrological
    symbols, Tarot & I-Ching
    – rumination w/teacher & students
    e. Natural QBL – Study of nature’s mysteries; Alchemy – creatures and substances are of one essence.
    f. Anagogical QBL – Mystical
    – Contemplationion, Trance States
    – Macro & Microcosm
    g. Astrological QBL
    o The Starry Gnosis
    o Movement of the celestial bodies & how we define time.
    h. Conemplative QBL
    o To cognize the measureless planes of infinity & the creatures
    dwelling within each plane.

    5. The final product of QBL study is the production of New Gnosis.


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