One strong mark of praeter-natural contact is that the words produced elicit ‘fresh fever from the skies.’  Such words inspire the soul to wonder and joy and act as living spirits in themselves.  And yet, the source of these words comes from the ‘Silent Self’ within each of us and has been called the Augoeides and the Holy Guardian Angel.  Contact with this mystery is synchronous with the opening of the heart chakkra and at the heart of Liber LXV.

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  1. Prophecy & Praeterhuman Communication/Contact – notes

    1. Writing is/was the first Magick; delivered to us by Thoth.
    A. Today, writing is in part, a science, as most people can write.
    But their writing is little more than functional.
    a1. Business reports
    a2. Lists
    a3. Messages-txt
    B. Writing organizes the mind w/greater efficiency, and allows our
    thoughts to be communicated to others.
    C. Thoughts are then collected into books that in themselves are
    warehouses of our thoughts.
    c1. Thoughts are the product of mind & soul.
    c2. This suggests to us that books can convey the life of the
    soul, so that such books take on their own life. cf. Tarot as a
    book we can interact with.
    c3. Certain words have been said to convey the power of
    D. So we become creatures of the book; organize ourselves
    culturally, around certain holy books, which become
    documentations of very special spiritual experiences.
    d1. Inspired by a deep communications with the soul.
    d2. inspired further by an inner dialogue or Gnostic dialogue that
    feels as if another voice is involved.
    d2a. …my typing poetry in college
    d2b. …the being behind me & guiding my fingers when
    E. Prophecy then is a record of Gnosis or spiritual experience that
    captured a zeitgeist in a group of people.
    e1. The Shaman captures the spirit of a people by telling their
    initiatory stories.
    e1a. Captured in books called ‘apocalypses.’
    e1b. Ecstatic utterances in trance, that are then written
    e2. Such stories hold a sense of meaning & profundity.
    e3. The society sharing in the collective experience generate an
    egregore or magickal current.
    2. The spiritual message communicated then makes both an internal & an external connection to people.
    A. The prophet has his or her own internal experience in the writing
    & recollection that then relates to others in order to form
    B. Others have their own internal experience fostered by the
    C. The writing produces synchronicities of experience & of
    c1. Qabalistic techniques for analysis.
    c2. “Aha!” moments connecting to thoughts conveyed in the
    writing by way of the historical experience produced by people
    acting in their lives.
    3. Writing that produces “New Gnosis” and raises the consciousness of both the prophet, as it inspires a clergy & raises the consciousness of others who encounter the work is one measure of praterhuman contact.
    A. Such writing uses words that say what words can’t say.
    B. New symbols & ideations are reified and given substance in the
    collective imagination of a society.
    4. A praterhuman being is then an egregore found in the collective consciousness of a generation of people.
    A. It speaks from a place of silence in the prophet but personifies a
    personality for this generation to take identity with.
    B. it takes on its own life as a mythological character; giving us a sense of the divine acting in human history.
    C. May be postulated as a ‘Secret Chief” or more fully evolved human soul=i.e. Boddhisattva.

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  2. Some of this came into my lecture on Saturday (esp. Corpus Hermeticum Libellus 1 Poimandres) – and especially the difference between the shamanistic (non-literary cultures, yes not all) and the literary execution of such through the skryer/prophet and different function of the recorder (e.g. that of Rose-Kelley-Crowley compared to AC’s function). Thanks for this – a very useful lecture/sermon.


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