Immortality is a most subtle concept that because the Lord of Magick presides over it, the Trickster is given room to play.  Too many over the centuries have either assumed its eventuality or mislead themselves into a belief in the immortality of the body; particularly the Alchemists.  But also, Christians, Muslims and Jews for the most part, hold a faith that assumes their souls are already immortal and only have reward or punishment for a consequence.  Note then that every scripture and alchemical picture has promised but never delivered any immortality of the body, which would be a defiance of the law of Mother Nature herself and thus, would be defiling the body of the Goddess!

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  1. Sermon Notes:


    “He who hears these words will not taste death.”

    Death of the physical body-unavoidable

    Pyramid texts explain the 2nd death.
    Weighing of the heart vs. the feather of Ma’at.
    This is the death of the personality.
    The secret; it is not moral in the usual sense of the word.
    Rather, it requires identification w/the Soul & not the body.

    Soul is mind & is beyond the brain.

    If body is given preeminence, the mind stays w/the body upon death & rots with the body.

    If mind is given preeminence, it can develop an independence from the body; this is a congealing of the soul.
    -astral projection is a practice
    -but also, the arts & sciences fortify the mind
    -poltergeists & lost soul apparitions are negative congealing (from terror & horror)

    The evolution of the personality requires many lives, but if the soul dies, the spirit will move to develop a new soul.

    Death is the key to evolution of the soul.
    -moving forward, the soul develops greater complexity and sophistication
    -the dispersion of soul is a conservation of energy

    The mistake of the Alchemists is that they sought physical immortality, which defies nature=the body of the Goddess.

    After personal evolution, there is yet a further step.

    “While in life, I have conquered the Universe.” V.V.V.V.V.

    The mind generates time & space.
    -Kant’s ‘a-priori’
    -thus, we each create the Universe, as we are each gods
    -thus being is entwined w/history: per Heidegger
    -divine revelation made possible
    -God involving ITself in history

    Beyond mind is beyhond time and space; the realm of the Supernals on the Tree-of-Life.

    We move then from Soul to Spirit, which is of the godhead.
    -crossing the Abyss that straddles time & not-time, as Hegel
    -Soul then moves to identify with spirit; instead of the body

    Being then has a cycle:
    The 4 points of the cross: Birth
    This is represented by the cross and circle

    The circle has always circumscribed the cross.
    * We place it on the cross, as a rose.
    – the heart or love, as the nature of the Universe
    – this comes to us as divine revelation, which may be called the
    It’s AVATAR for each of us is called the Holy Guardian Angel.

    Through a-perception, we can come to commune with the AUGOEIDES, & therefore Immortality is a condition of ‘seeing.’

    In Liber AL, this is referred to as becoming a winner of the ‘Ordeal x.’


  2. The soul is the mind , the brain is just a watery interface device between our soul/mind , these notes and sermon really solidify the concept I have just recently realized from studying the 7 hermetic principals , which I find in most religions .

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