An egregore complements the concepts of mythos and paradigm.  The egregore is a thought-form that is usually generated by a society of minds and generates various gods and the cultures that form for a society of minds.  Mythos is also developed to help both the society and the individual to understand itself; him or herself.  Together they generate the operational paradigm that facilitates social interaction.

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  1. Sermon Notes:

    Mythos, Paradigm & Egregore

    1. Joseph Campbell, born in 1904ev is of the first generation born into the Aeon of Horus.
    A. Aeon of Horus is an operational paradigm
    described as a mythos.
    A1. Horus on throne of Ra
    1a. Ra=Sun=Self
    1b. Horus=Child of Vengeance; bor of a god;
    divine nature of man (god born of
    resurrected Osiris by Thoth and Isis)
    A2. Self over tribe
    A2a tribe is only so good as it serves self
    A2b. everyone has rights = Will
    B. Horus comes to life, as an egregore-
    B1. We put our thoughts int his image
    B2. There is no point where we will individually
    suffer for the sake of the greater good.
    B2a. The rise of the individual, as Horus
    B2b. The Sun as me; the Solar Disk as Horus;
    within me/without me; George Harrison
    “Life goes on within and without you.”

    2. Joseph Campbell teaches that mythology is generated by all cultures, as a way of both explaining the self to the individual; giving the tribe identity and creating meaning & a sense of ‘becoming.’
    A. Mythos generates the paradigm by which a culture
    can manifest.
    A1. Writing & documentation; contracts are a part of our culture;
    hence, holy books, rules for association & commerce
    influences how society operates.
    A2. Material science & technology colors what we know of the
    existing Universe, which then regulates our approach to
    religion, spirituality & philosophy.
    A3. Our inter-relation with each other & the hierarchy of relations is
    A3a. The biune god points to the equivalent nature of the
    A3a1.-god/patriarchy favored males
    A3a2.-goddess/matriarchy favored females

    3. Heroic figures in our mythos and representing the divine nature is expressed through symbols: Babalon & the Beast.
    A. That these came from Revelation & from Daniel, but are then
    re-defined in a new book of prophecy is profound in our culture.
    A1. Profundity is the sense of spiritual empowerment & meaning.
    A2. Redefining these symbols redefines our relationship to the
    opposite gender & how we generate a sense of family &
    personal character.
    B. Beast as role model for a man shows strength & Babalon w/sword
    as a role model for woman shows strength.
    B1. The symbols convey the character of that strength.
    B2. The symbols talk to the inner being of each of us & guide us in
    our ‘becoming.’

    4. An Aeon is then a psychic emanation that contains mythos, paradigm & egregore.
    A. It gives us that which we can call the truth or the spirit of our Age.
    B. It helps us to structur3e our families, social institutions and values;
    ethics & morality.
    C. It creates the space-marks or land marks by which we can
    measure, each, ourselves.


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