76 The Three Ages of Grape 15 dec 13

The confusing of time with the ontological unfolding of consciousness is difficult for many to grasp.  Even great minds will forgo an understanding of this in order to build a dogmatic structure that is counter-Gnostic.  But when one understands Aeons, not as markers of time, but markers of human consciousness, one opens one’s mind to a greater understanding of both the self and the Universe we live in.

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    1. The Three Ages

      1. The problem of Aeons
      A. Confusion; Gnostic Aeons are demigods
      1. They come in syzygies
      2. Ontology of psychic forces
      B. Crowley referred toi Aeons as periods of time
      1. Confusion with Astrological Age & Age or Aeon of Aquarius or
      2. Matriarchal Age is Pagan Era
      2a. Very Long
      3. Patriarchal Age is Christian Era
      3a. Very Short
      4. Age of horus is described in vengeful terms
      2. The Three Ages
      A. Material Age – No god above; 5 senses rule
      1. Age of Reason
      1a. Industrial Revolution follows Renaissance
      1b. Techological Age & American secularism
      2. Science betrays White School
      2a. Physical sciences are all that matter; spirituality=insanity to
      2b. Alchemy replaced by chemistry
      2b1. The gold of the Alchemist is no metallic gold & not
      spiritual gold.
      2b2. Spirit does not interact w/matter; soul is abandoned;
      only spirit remains in church of Rome
      B. Spiritual Age – Earth is evil & Satan rules as its prince.
      – World is illusory; the Maya
      1. The mins is abandoned & anti-intellectualism rules over learning
      1a. One knows all one needs to know to serve God
      1b. The Dark Ages when clerics defy science
      1b1. Moses & dinosaurs & the mind is made dark by
      1c. Arab world originally fourished under new religion, Islam,
      as it was the enemy of tribal totemism
      1c1. Arab world saved all esoteric knowledge & advanced
      learning, as clerics rose to power in Europoe &
      established the Dark Ages
      1c2. Arab world e ventually succumb to their clerics &
      knowledge moved to Europe
      C. Integral Age – European Renaissance
      – Both Heaven & Earth are good.
      – American Revolution; American & European secularism & separation of religion from politics
      1. Second Integral Age comes with the ending of the Spanish
      Inquisition; late 1800s ev
      1a. American Transcendentalism & European
      1b. Theosophy
      1c. Physics becomes spiritual as well as materialist
      1d. Aeon of Horus
      2. A small reverberation in the 60s & the Hippies find god in a pill-
      2a. Grant falsely attributes this to the Age of Aquarius &
      conflates Aquarius with Horus
      2b. We are still in the Asgrological Age of Pisces for 600 years.
      3. Cycles of the Three Ages are not necessarily related to time.
      3a. There are cycles within cycles
      3a1. Larger periods can be measured in hundred & even
      thousands of years
      3a2. Shorter periods can be measured in decades and
      3b. People may adopt any of the three attitudes throughout the
      stages of their lives
      3b1. Youth can be very carnal & material
      3b2. Mid-Life can bek very integral
      3b3. Old age frees one from the material in order to give
      way to death


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