Consciousness emerges in the human being, which immediately continues to establish its beingness.  The evolution of the individualized consciousness grows our bodies and forcibly takes itself into a physical, social and astral space.  If the key to Will is action, then it is this action that is the evidence for Self.  To get to an intimate awareness of this human function is the key to meaning in our lives, which connects us to a Universe of Love.  And as poetic as that sounds, we add to the poetry by describing this experience as the Knowledge & Conversation of thine Holy Guardian Angel.

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  1. The Creation of Self
    o The Universe; known to us as Agape or Love is creating itself all the time. This is the function of Agape (Universal Love).
    o We as individuals represent consciousness and become nodes by which the Universe comes to know itself. We call that Thelema (Will or Will of God).
    So that as we become, we come to a greater level of
    consciousness; until our mind’s breadth & depth expand to such a
    point of wonder, that we can apprehend the whole Universe.
    o We start with our birth and the one thing that remains consistent for the entirety of our lives is that we take up space.
    This is the violence of beingness proposed by Heidegger.
    We forcibly occupy space & displace whatever else might have
    occupied the space we claim.
    o This is in part wg we say that RHK is a god of war & vengeance.
    This god is the product of the Universe (Agape) and Self (Thelema)
    & the transcendent point that combines these two, so that the
    product is greater than the sum of its parts.
    Certainly, we’ve explained the symbol of war as this violence of
    being. But what of Vengeance?
    o We live in a Universe, the law of which states that ‘change=stability’. And in terms of our being, our bodies are in constant decay & use up great amounts of energy. In other words, the environment that we forcibly inhabit by violently displacing, also acts upon us to deplete our well-being in a constant interaction or struggle. And indeed, the environment constantly wins out & we are forced to clean our bodies & replenish our energy. When we do so, we can call this an act of vengeance in terms of the symbolism of RHK.
    o But the creation of self is more than physical existence & survival; though it is our most basic drive.
    We seek also to flourish, which in a world of contending forces
    include social & economic forces.
    We struggle for a place in society; including the obtaining of a
    spouse & the creation of family, home & hearth, as well as
    competing for a job & income.
    o There is a great emotion connected with this that moves past mere survival onto love & spiritual aspiration.
    This spurs intellectual achievement & the quest to understand who
    & what we are, as beings; even the nature of beingness &
    consciousness itself.
    We formulate human culture & society & further define ourselves in relation to this.
    o And so we “become” and continue this ‘in process’ or through a gestalt as we move through the various periods of our life in the line of time that we call aging.
    Indeed we are forever “becoming”; even in each and every moment
    of our lives.
    All our thoughts are consistently @ work in the creation of self;
    whether or not ewe are even conscious of it.
    o But the wholesome creation of self demands attention and requires that we are conscious of the process; not just through each succeeding moment, but through the aggregate stages of aging: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle age & the declining years of old age.
    o This is indeed a certain process that we call Gnosis. It includes our place in history; as Heidegger asserts, ‘to be’ is to make history, which requires a certain introspection & rumination.
    o The Gnostic master has said: “Examine yourself; that you may come to know who you are. And when you know yourself (Thelema) you will simultaneously come to know the depth of the ALL (Agape).”
    And in the union of Self & the Universe or Self & Not-self, you will become the Magickal Childe: a person of knowledge. And you will have found Gnosis.


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