There is a darkness of the mind that pervades those who entertain superstitious ideas and affirm them to be true.  This is the way of the Black School of Magick, as its rank and file are made to serve its hierarchy.  From the perspective of the White School, the symbols are turned upside down and the people are ruled by ‘the fear of God.’  And in a society of these dark minds, it should not be surprising that a strong anti-intellectual movement will have its day.

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  1. Superstition & Anti-Intellectualism

    1. The two modalities are the identical expression; one belongs to religion & the other to social dialogue & social media.
    A. The difference between the connotative & denotative understanding of mythos, as expressed in sacred texts.
    A1. American Exceptionalism evolves out of the denotative [mis]understanding of the Bible.
    A2. John Locke’s Christianity was much different.
    B. Raising children & societal taboos create emotional dysfunction.
    B1. Cancer was once stigmatized as today, drug use is stigmatized.

    2. The superstitious mindset (paradigm)
    A. A paradigm is a field of understanding.
    A1. Ideals & Principals, accepted facts (science) & mythos; based on a proscribed understanding of the world.
    B. The mindset created from superstitious notions accepts logical fallacies & irrational ideas; incorporating them into a belief structure.
    B1. This confusion of the mind affects perceptions & decisions made on those perceptions.
    B2. False moralities & self-righteousness upon which knee-jerk reactions are made.
    B3. The assumption of moral superiority of oneself; not unlike the ‘good child’ that champions the parents to other children.
    B3a. Biblical morality & the word of God as a parent’s rules.
    B4. The guilt complex evolves out of false ideals; i.e. woman as virgin; man as Jesus’ sacrifice.
    C. Superstition is a belief in the unproveable & the supernatural.
    C1. For us, nature or the Universe is the body of God–IT can’t defy its own body, so physical law applies; even to God. Miracles are impossible & the pretense of these fool the easily gullible.
    C1a. God cannot be the eternal parent in the sky.
    C1b. So we have nothing to be fearful.
    C1b1. The discipline of the parent or the disapproval of the parent, as feared by the child.
    D. Mising facts w/untruths create confusion to a mind already in a state of fear. But the mind does not perceive the confusion.
    D1. Reactionary thinking is the inevitable result.
    D1a. Stockholm syndrome & the half-truth is vigorously defended via religious persecution.
    D2. Fear overpowers the intellect. So, normally the intellect is a response & evaluation of emotion. But fear is part of the survival instinct & can often evade the critical examination of the intellect.
    D2a. Yoda–Fear leads to anger, which leads to confusion.
    D2b. The 3 desert religions are based on fear; our ‘body politic’ is derived from fear.

    3. Science vs. Scientism (so-called)
    A. Magick has always created religions with the scientific worldview or paradigm.
    A1. The old world saw a dying sun that resurrected daily & Christianity emerges.
    A1a. This becomes soured by the authority that emerged from superstition.
    A2. The modern world sees the sun as eternal & operating 24/7. And Thelema emerges as a correction to the Christian formula.
    B. Scientism alleges that scientists have made a god of science & have dismissed the scientific process.
    B1. It’s proponents continue to use the benefits that science has produced; cars, medicine, computers; et al.
    B2. It’s proponents don’t recognize carbon dating & have put millions of years of Earth’s history into a millenia.
    B2a. Museums show Moses walking around w/dinosaurs on the Ark. And can’t see the impossibility of this, as Biblical time is seen as the word of God.


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