In is ‘Introduction to Metaphysics,’ Heidegger shows how history is intimately connected to racial ‘being.’  It is not merely the mark of the human race ‘being’ on the planet, but the essence of the human race ‘being’ on the planet.  And even with our very first breath, we violently displace the air and take up space.  This is done by the force of ‘being.’  History and violence cannot be separated from our ‘beingness.’  What does this say for the evolutionary ideal of peace?   Peace and violence seem to have a cyclic nature with the evolution of our society.  Though the consideration of violence, as a part of the human ideal seems very counter-intuitive.

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  1. Notes for History & Violence sermon:

    1. Conundrum for those superstitious enough to believe in a loving, supernatural god: Why allow violence?
    1A. This gets thrown back on people–you’re a sinner that needs god’s
    1A1. Yet this doesn’t explain why a god would allow the victim to
    be victimized; unless they are receiving punishment for past
    1B. All of this is rationalization.
    1B1. The wall of cognitive dissonance goes up.
    2. Human history s filled with violent conquest. empires arise & bring great leaps forward in civilization.
    2A. God has often declared violent conquest in scripture–bringing into
    question the idea that only a sinner commits to violence.
    2A1. This of course, is allowed for the righteous of God–self
    2A2. This is human nature.
    3. Violence is incumbent of being.
    3A. All things are alive; even the air & elements in the air.
    3A1. By displacing air; one just taking up space, we have an
    example of an innately violent act.
    3A1a. So violence is synonymous with Being.
    3A1b. So the violence in human history is an extension of
    3A1c. Human history is an extension of Being. To ignore
    history is to be ignorant of the self.
    3A1d. The mystical axiom: ‘from whence on came to whither
    one goeth.’
    4. The problem of Peace & the hypocrisy of ‘Peace on Earth.’
    4A. It’s anti-intellectual to civilization & hence, evolution.
    4A1. Christian theologians seem to intuit this, which is why they speak against the theory of evolution.
    4B. Peace & comfort breed laziness and a general contempt for living.–Kennedy–we do this (moon) not because it is easy, but because it is hard.
    4B1. The corrupting influence of great wealth is that it seeks its own security & demans the poor, as less than virtuous; lest it should have to sacrifice its security to ease the pain of poverty.
    5. The Warrior consciousness is a personality type in the human matrix.
    5A. We cannot dispose of the people, nor should we. Without them in
    any society, the relevant weakness of the rest of society would
    make any civilizations vulnerable to outside attack.
    5A1. Greed & need are two big motivators–the reason for war.
    5B1. Ra-Hoor-Khuit is a god of war & vengeance.
    5B2. Horus, the Avenger.
    6. Peace is the ‘equal & opposite reaction’ to War. It allows for the creativity, as a response to war’s destruction.
    6A. Life effs & flows between the points of war & peace.
    6B. To destroy the old is to create the new–in time.
    7. Time, the ‘a-priori’ is a factor of History & history is a factor of being—consciousness.
    7A. There is war time & peace time; but even in peace, the art of
    creation destroys the old & reformulate it & the new.
    7A1. So personal transofrmation is a war against the self.—Ra-
    8. We live in the new paradigm of the dialectic; point, counterpoint & transcendent point.
    8A. The old paradigm was mechanistic, which still remains a part of
    our consciousness.
    8A1. Each Sephira emanates from the previous–the linear
    evolution of consciousness.
    8A2. The causeless cause as the origin of life.
    8B. The new paradigm takes every element of life & fuses it w/its
    counterpoint in a matrix of relativity and giving the transcendent
    8B1. Science has its affect on human understanding.
    8B2. War/Violence & Peace conjoin to give us civilization. History
    & the destruction of history give us the evolution of


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