Genius becomes manifest, as the highest achievements in human thought, consciousness and physical performance; indeed, in all that we do with passion and discipline.  It is a lust for life that knows no boundaries that can’t be broken and dares go where angels fear to tread; genius being the attainment of godhood.  We are all meant to find this; eventually.

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  1. Sermon Notes for:
    Genius & the H.G.A.

    1. What is genius?
    1A. Genius & Inspiration.
    1A1. Compulsion–the need to know.
    1A2. Curiosity; moves towards the hero’s journey.
    1B. Genius & work.
    1B1. Production of original work.
    1B2. Work, effort & discipline that makes you ‘known among a group.

    2. What is the H.G.A.?
    What is the K&C?
    2A. “…a concept that is so utterly ridiculous that no one would dare build a system on it.”–A. Crowley
    2B. That subtle voice of inspiration; the drive forward that leads to curiosity.
    2B1. My personal experiences of inspiration & drive.
    2B1a. Hearing poetry in college.
    2B1b. Practicing & improvising piano.

    3. The problem of ‘will’ (Thelema) as a populist notion.
    3A. Will is not desire & may even have nothing to do w/desire.
    3A1. It is connected to that natural compulsion & curiosity; a produt of the intuition.
    3B. Compusion & curiosity are drives that lead us to a sponontaneous connection with others; object or being.
    This is the equivalency of will that is called Love/Agape & the law of attraction.

    4. Prayer & Invocation begs for a god to take possession of one’s psyche.
    4A. This god is said to come into us & to inform us; giving inspiration & knowledge or Gnosis.
    4A1. In the “Last Temptation of Christ,” by Kazanstakis, Jesus doesn’t know where he gets this wit from
    in certain situation. This confuses him.
    4A1a. He becomes a classic example of genius, as obsessions pushing him forward; making crosses
    for the Romans.
    4A1b. His guilt at doing this creates anex treme internal condition in his psyche.
    4A1b1. This isthe ordeal generator.

    5. “Every man and every woman is a star.”–AL:1.3
    This star is internal to our psyche; the spiritual sun that is within us–the augoeides.
    5A. When on establishes oneself, as a major personality in any setting, one’s star becomes manifest & one becomes
    ‘known’–a part of the hstory of a place or organization.
    5A1. Hollywood ‘stars’ have done this for the field of film.
    5A2. This is a display of personal magnetism.

    6. Genius then is the soemthing that is within us, and expressed as a compulsion in order to come forth from us.
    6A. As noted in the Gospel of Thomas, it is soemthing that must come forth from us; producing a soteriological
    expderience called Gnosis.
    6A1. If this drive does not succeed in coming forth from us, the internal combusion will lead to insanity
    & it will destroy us.
    6A1a. Many artists have said they ‘needed’ to produce the work; there was no choice in the matter.

    7. The end-product is called the ‘magickal childe’–whether that be a work of art or a human baby, or anything in-between, it is ultimately derived by the formula of ‘love under will.’


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