The World Machine may also be called the ‘collective consciousness’ of our race.  But it also includes all our institutions, traditions and routines and even the very paradigm that we call consensus reality.  It’s the body politic and our social structure; our values and ethics.  As ‘no man is an island,’ so our very civilization is that machine.  To be asleep to the machine is to serve the machine.  The higher man learns how to make the machine serve him.

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    1. Notes on: The World Machine

      1. Our fate is somewhat fixed.
      1A. The human environment; including our biology, percpetion of mind, social caste, IQ/EQ & rearing fix much.
      1A1. The inertia becomes all too difficult to overcome.
      “Yea! deem not of change: ye shall be as ye are, & not other.”–AL:I.58
      1A2. It is not who & what we are that changes; but our awareness of who & what we are.
      1B. It would take an extraordinary burst of inertia w/the luck of circumstances to ride a tipping point & transcend some; though not all of these limitations.

      2. Assuming a certain level of conscious awareness, we have some movement within these limitations.
      2A. Thought paradigms can create limiting restraints or be expansive & produce an open mind.

      3. Outside of Gnosis, one’s behavior can be almost completely unconscious–“Outside the thought of God.” Most people live in this state their whole lives; generally running from pain & towards pleasure–victimized by their emotions.
      3A. The Theosophical theory of younger souls keeps the masses at a low level of intelligence–the lowest common denominator. This is modelled today on the holographic theory; earth producing the Adam Kadmon.
      3A1. Only a relative few get the lifetimes necessary to developo innate intelligence.

      4. The ancient Gnostics classified people into three basic groups; hylic, psychic and pneumatic.
      4A. Most people are then hylic; like peasants with only the view of their most immediate and material concerns.
      4A1. These form the working & lower classes in our culture; their intellectual capacities being very limited.
      4B. Those at the psychic level are educated into what is called the middle & upper classes.
      4B1. They are highly impressionable; based on rearing & conditioning into a religious, patriotic or business paradigm; but generally have little spritiual bend.
      4C. Pneumatic types are highly spiritual & can exist in any strata of the social fabric.
      4C1. These are the geniuses that push the limits of the human experience; the Einsteins, Picassos and Tesls & the Freuds of our culture.
      4C2. the IQ/EQ-Intuition combo creates the higher intelligence that forges a potent soul.

      5. The machine is created from the machinations of the psychics (of the psyche-intelligence); each in pursuit of their own potency. This is a blind force that creates the bureaucracy & institutions of the world.
      5A. These institutions are built upon the physical labor of the working class (hylics) that provide the material backbone of these institutions.
      5A1. They are driven, as a herd & are fed ethical values that give them a sense of purpose.
      5A1a. These come from messianic-style leaders that motivate them into a blind, willing compliance.
      5B. These institutions are also driven on teh mental labor of the psychics that both invent & manage these institutions.

      6. There is no ‘escape’ from the machine; no getting ‘off the grid,’ as ourmutual interdependence creates the civilizing force of the institutions of the machine that differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.
      6A. Plato said that civilization frees us from the tyranny of nature.
      6A1. We are then, as dependent upon the machine, as it is upon us.
      6A1a. We have, but to becomes conscious of the machine in our lives.
      6A1b. With such consciousness, we can find & see the inertia of the machine; its dharma.

      7. Acceptance of the machine provides an opening from the mindlessness that gives the machine its power over us.
      7A. Start w/TV commercials. See all the ‘feel good’ scenes behind the voices tha connect to the product and that creates an unconscious emotional connection to the product.
      7B. Look @ how poltiticians forge an emotional connection to issues that they dream up to pander to your prejudices. Note how they never really talk about actual issues of governance.
      7B1. The unconsicousness of the mob mentality in the electorate; seeking a leader/messiah.
      7C. Work environment, home & family environment, the public malls, work environment; these are all facets of the macine. Find out where these institutions are pushing you.
      7C1. Bloodlines delimit yoiur opoportunity for self-expression. ‘No prohpet is recognized in his own home.’


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