Gnosis is about the mind.  But mind itself is more than just the brain and the brain is about the body.  All three go together in a grand intimacy that creates the soul, as an actual phenomenon that brings meaning to life.  Life itself is meaningless; only that we ourselves have to discern that meaning, which means we have to learn how to use the body and exercise the brain in order to develop a mind.

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  1. Sermon Notes:

    The Phenomenon of Mind

    1. Gnosis is about the mind.
    1A. Correct knowledge; both intellectual and experiential and not trivial.
    1A1. Of course, trivial knowledge has its relevance, as data & facts can be used to garner insight & develop the intuition.
    1A1a. The 18th & 19th centuries saw a lot of data collection & measuring & counting that led to a lot of the later advances in science & medicine.
    1A2. The sciences & the humanities contribute knowledge that leads to a greater depth & breadth of mind that can lead to Gnosis.
    1A2a. As the sciences for the most part, bring out attention out into the world, so the humanities, philosophy & art, et al bring us into the world within ourselves.

    2. Mind is Soul & the power of mind develops the capacity of the soul in this life.
    2A. Creative, Intellectual & Abstract thought demonstrates its capacities.
    2B. Mind is also Body, which clearly demonstrates its own conduct from the conscious mind.
    2B1. Muscle memory is an accurate way of demonstrating a practical approach to using this mind.
    2B1a. Athletics, the musicians fingers or the brush technique of a painter, et al.
    2C. Ultimately soul & body become as one congealed entity; each influencing the other with greater & greater sophistication.

    3. The observation of phenomena is a key to our understanding of the Universe & ourselves.
    3A. Observation leads to a sense of perception that helps us to intuit quality or qualities in what our senses and thoughts bring to us.
    3A1. We invest ourselves in such objects in order to more fully apprehenc them & inconsequ3ence, ourselves.

    4. Mind & Brain are not the same. Mind uses brain & vice-versa.
    4A. We can consider the mind as an energy field that both acts on the brain * is accessible by the brain.
    4A1. The energy field about the body is called the aura. And it ahs its own elctro-magnetic naure; not unlike the energy field about the Earth. These two fields are intimately linked. And teh earth’s field is called the Aether.
    4A2. Mitochodrial consciousness acts in aggregate to make the aura; composed of proeins from the Earth.
    4A2a. Each of these lesser organisms fuse together to make the aura; shoing an intimacy between body/brain, Earth & Mind.

    –Sidenote 1: Story of Phosphorylation

    –Sidenote 2: Mitochlorian & Star Wars


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