Soteriology is the doctrine of Salvation that originated with the ancient Gnostics and has been modified to fit into Christian dogma.  And the meaning behind the two viewpoints couldn’t show a greater contrast.  We at the Gnostic Church of L.V.X. do not accept doctrines of fear, as we reject any consoler god.  Know thyself!–said Hermes Trismegistus.  And in the Gospel of Thomas it is said that one who knows himself will simultaneously come to the knowledge of the breadth and depth of the ALL.

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  1. Notes on:
    The Gnosis of Salvation

    1. Christianity has the notion that we are in danger of eternal damnation.
    1A. It creates the mythos of a sheep having left the herd & a shepherd who finds the lost sheep to return it “home.”
    1B. The myth is a parable for the notion of ‘original sin’–that humanity stepped away from God (owner of the sheep) & an emissary is sent (Jesus as shepherd) to retrieve the lost souls & return them to the owner.
    1C. The implication in this is that should a sheep step away from the herd, it will be eaten by the ‘big, bad wolf.’ And of course, you & I would be the sheep.
    1C1. To be eaten represents the punishment of Hell.
    1C2. To be returned to the herd represents redemption or salvation/soteriology.

    2. The road to redemption was blocked by ‘God the Father’ & the whole of humanity was considered to be lost. Curiously, the whole of the herd (of the Earth) was kept away from the herd (of Heaven), which of course, makes no sense.
    2A. The rectification for this conundrum was provided with the crucifixion of God’s son; made human.
    2A1. Humanity was then provided the opportunity to find its own rectification by simply believing in what the resurrection of Jesus represents.
    2A1a. This was brutally enforced upon the herd.

    3. Salvation, or the restoration of one’s right to HEAVEN only requires a belief in what one could not know. No more personal effort is required.
    3A. The acceptance of this belief is proof that one was granted a ‘state of grace’ by Jesus & so was become ‘born again.’
    3A1. One then submits to the commands of Jesus, as told in the Bible.
    3B. One is already pre-disposed to accept this belief, as it is conditioned nto the psyche by one’s parents.
    3B1. Indeed, Jesus becomes the archetypal parent who soothes & consoles, as most children will find that support lost when their parents die.

    4. Soteriology for the Gnostic comes when one separates oneself from the herd–the exact opposite of Christian teaching.
    4A. Personally, in my teen years, I came to the realization that not only was I never lost, but that my separation from the herd was a badge of honor.
    4A1. This was validated for me when I first heard Patti Smith proclaim: “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine.”
    4B. Rather than postulating the raw sold in a naturally sinful state, I decided that the soul was an element of consciousness that needed identification, as I heard Grace Slick proclaim: “Feed your head.”
    4B1. Questioning my conditioning by asking myself if my thoughts were my own, I decided that I needed to reclaim my thoughts from the conditioning of my parents & the church.

    5. There is one other issue; the egregore of this ‘slave-god’ that controls our thoughts: Should we even get a breath; long-enough to step out of the zeitgeist, there’s a strong pull calling us back in.
    5A. Stepping out of the herd, one not only can find oneself alone, but one can be attacked by the herd.
    5A1. And the fear can work both ways for one stepping out of the herd.

    6. So what is a practical means of salvation for the Gnostic? It isi Gnosis, as knowledge of the self.
    6A. One needs to free oneself from the overseeing God & lose the feeling that is conditioned into us of some supernatural god watching our every move.
    6A1. This can take many years in itself.
    6A1a. Start by ‘cursing’ & not hating all symbols & people connected to those symbols; connected to those slave religions.
    6B. Educate oneself in the Arts, Sciences & Humanities, as well as psychology in order to expand the breadth & depth of the scope of your mind.
    6B1. Even 6 mos. of psychotherapy is good in order to understand your preferences & the deeper reasons of the decisions you’ve made in life.
    6C. And of course, continue your involvement in the GCL.


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