Messiah Complex

In a culture convinced that it both needs a messiah and no value is placed on individualist traits; except to show wealth, hero worship and cathartic moments show people living alienated lives in a fractured society.  As a society, we have chosen to find ourselves vicariously through others; our political leaders, movie stars, sports heroes and billionaires.  To recognize and understand this dynamic is a key to revealing the unconscious choices we make in all the key elements of our lives.

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  1. Sermon Notes on:
    The Messiah Complex

    1. Leadership is fundamental to organizing a community, as a society and a culture.
    1A. A society is a hierarchical structure that utilizes different talents & capacities to a mutual benefit.
    1A1. Without such, cutlure would disappear & we would quickly devolve into a state of anarchy.

    2. The challenge is to determine who should emerge from society to hold the power of its management.
    2A. In our Judeo-Christian culture, we theoretically decide through a democratic process.
    2A1. Candidates are selected; not necessarily from their display of talent & ability, but from their capacity at rhetoric & moral persuasion.

    3. In Christian culture, specifically, leaders take on a symbolic & even cathartic role, which can even transcend moral persuasion.
    3A. Clever leaders set themselves up as symbols that represent the ‘herd’ of society and are deemed to speak as the collective voice.
    3A1. The collective voice becomes the Logos of society.
    3B. As a price for such cleverness, leaders are dehumanized & forbidden acts of self-interest.
    3B1. The ultimate leader in Christian society is Jesus, who was effectively neutered.
    3C. The net result is a catharsis, that comes as the leader’s experience is vicariously assumed by the herd of society.
    3C1. Jesus’ sacrifice redeems all.

    4. Overall, this is an essential and relatively unconscious paradigm in our culture that needs to be consiously assessed.
    4A. We have invested a lot of energy in hero worship; from comic book characters to sports and political heros; all objects of worship.
    4A1. This can be a two-edged sword; both divisive, as in the case of politics, & uniting, as in the case of sports.
    4A1a. Yet sports can really skew our culture into something more sparan and less Athenian.
    4A1b. In politics, the divisiveness breeds hate and pushes us towards a house divided.

    5. In order to better understand the messiah complex, we must come to see the ‘herd’ mindset, that is the modality of ‘keeping up w/the jones’ and identifying with groups thorug fashion & cultural heros.
    5A. Putting impossible standards on our leaders also crushes us.
    5A1. The impossible make bravado that is a standard set by the mythical poetry of the torture of Jesus’ crucifixion.
    5A2. the ideal of virginity that makes every child-bearing woman ignoble & a whore; feeding the sexual taboo.
    5A3. The scape-goat created, as the dark side of the cathartic messiah.
    5A4. Witch-hunts & witch burnings that are symbols of political & social tirades.
    5A4a. Trump calls the Mueller investigation a witch-hunt.
    5A4b. Latinos, blacks & tje birmomg crosses of the KKK.

    6. With thhe modalities of catharsis & scapegoat principles, the focus remains on the herd to the detriment of the individual & hence at the cost of individuation & Gnosis.
    6A. Superstitious taboos remain in place, such as the sexual taboo.
    6A1. But all things, such as art & creativity that champion the individual remain taboo.
    6A1a. The protestant work ethic fills the voic, as ‘idle hands are the tools of the Devil.’
    6A1a1. A slave mentality evolves from this; making Jesus a slave god.
    6A1a1a. All must be given to Jesus.
    6A2. Those individuals who do focus on themselves are viewed, as selfish and self-indulgent.
    6A2a. They become moral reprobates.
    6A2b. Artists, intellectuals that need to be jailed & sequestered.
    6A2b1. The become taboo.

    7. Hipocrisy and sociopathic behavior becomes the norm for our leaders.
    7A. One cannot deny ones self-interest, which then becomes subverted.
    7A1. This set up the abuse of power.
    7A2. The dark side of leaders psyche is strengthened.
    7A2a. The pathology of manipulation & control evolves.
    7A2b. Religious & political leaders are often caught up in sexual & financial scandals.
    7A2c. Corruption & abuse become mainstream.

    8. The blind trust of people is an important component, as our leaders need this to function; even wholesomely.
    8A. As a consequence, ‘we the people’ living in this paradigm surrender a portion of our personal freedom to the machinery of society and its leadership.
    8A1. People are taught to submit to authority.
    8A2. People are taught to fear authority.
    8A2a. Scapegoats are actively sought after in order to poelase our masters.
    8B. We abandon self-reliance and self-responsibility.
    8B1. Jesus is praised for touchdowns.
    8B2. The Devil is blamed for our failures.

    9. First recognizing the messiah complex and understanding its impact on ourselves & the world aroudn us can start us on the road to overcoming our aleination from a wholesome connection w/our being.
    9A. We then must each find our own way to act outside the machine.
    9A1. Independence of thought and feeling.
    9A2. The acceptance of proper role models.
    9A2a. Gnostic Saints.
    9A3. Forming & taking ourselves into conscious community with others.
    9B. To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Be Silent. The Power of the Sphinx.


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