In a pantheist world, everyone and everything is possessed of spirits.  Some serve us and others lead us astray, and yet others are entirely indifferent to us.  Some we can consume and imbibe, others leap forth from us in our interaction with the world.  There are spirits in every breath we take, that we transform into a eucharist of mind and awareness; feeding our very soul.

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  1. Sermon Notes:
    1. Spirits re couched in our emotional life. As they say: “He was in good spirits” So it is the showing forth of our self-confidence & our overall outlook on life, as well as our ability to cope w/life’s exigencies.
    1A. These spirits; joy, sorrow, passion, pain, elation, ecstasy, etc. can be objectified in a process called evocation.
    1A1. Therein, they can be presented before us for examination.
    1B. We can also invoke or inbibe spirits; altering our natural emotional landscape.
    1B1. This is generally done to produce ecstatic or euphoric states.
    1B2. This is also, often a part of eucharistic ceremonies, such as our own Rosicrucian Mass.

    2. Spirits can be said to take possession of us, which can have both negative & positve consequences.
    2A. Negatively, we refer to such possession as addiction or compulsive behavior.
    2B. Positively, we refer to such as morale, which hel;s us to great accomplishments.

    3. Ecstasy can be the greatest of the spirits, as often-enough, the Divine can enter into us on its wings.
    3A. Yet there is a subtle difference between ecstatic inspiration & psychosis.
    3B. In India, no distinction has been traditionally made between ecstasy & psychosis; whereon in the West, ecstasy is not recognized & it is all generally labelled as psychosis.
    3B1. The astral junkie in the West, is someone who mistakes astral experience for spiritual experience
    3B1a. Such a person has disconnected awareness of emotional states from feeling.
    3B1a1. We can bury our emotions below conscious awareness.

    4. Emotion is connected to the intuition, which is the psychic function that intimately connects us, as subject with the object.
    4A. We discuss this in our Doctrine of the 4 Yods.
    4B. This is why, in Star Wars, we hear Obi Won Kenobe syaing: “Trust your feelings, Luke!”

    5. Spirituality, as a practice in order to obtain enlightenment or Gnosis is not necessarily tied to happiness.
    5A. Indeed, happiness is more easily brought about by ignorance–ignorance is bliss.
    5B. The weight of knowledge or Gnosis can even create a melancholy of lonliness, as so few even get to such a knowledge.
    5B1. Imagine a single adult in a world of children & the craving for someone to relate to.
    5C. The opposite affect is spiritual pride, which is its own trap, as one walls oneslef up & holds off the possibility of relating to others.
    5C1. This is a failure of the heart chakkra in its shutting down the flow of psychic energy.

    6. We come then to love, which is the grandest emotion. Love is the most intimate connection with us as subject & other or others as object.
    6A. The heart chakkra flows at its strongest with Agape; the highest form of love that connects us w/a feeling of embracing the whole Universe.
    6A1. This is the true adoration of NUIT.
    6B. And yet love can be quite flawed, as it requires a requiting & many others are simply incapable of responding, as hate one’s overture of Agape–being an equal & opposite reaction.
    6B1. The struggle with this for one iwth Gnosis has been called “The Dark Night of the Soul,” and can even lead to depression.
    6B1a. This is not necessarily a trap, as it can be a strong tool to step outside one’s psycic structure in order to more deeply apprehend the nature of being.

    7. Wisdom is then an experience and equilibration of our, emotions; based on exeprience of Gnosis.
    7A. That means it takes both the dark & light sides of our emotional life & finds a conscious point of stasis in the psyche.
    7A1. An affirmation of the self.
    7B. Show me a wise man & I’ll show you someone who’s made a lot of mistakes; the only way to get experience.


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