The Gnostic Church of L.V.X. has a plan; a dream of life and living that wants to leave more than a philosophical mark on the world.  We want to enhance the lives of our congregants in practical ways that will underpin our quest for nobility in this life.  The formation of community, as Plato states, frees us from the tyranny of nature.  And in the present life, we also hold out for liberation from the tyranny of time.  For a spiritual life is impossible without the time to pursue it.

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  1. Community
    Sermon Notes

    1. The structure of community is integral to any society.
    1A. In our society, we begin with the nuclear family.
    1A1. This structure requires more wealth than is abailable to most.
    1A1a. Because of this, people sacrifice health & dignity.
    1A1b. We see a collapsing economy ahead, as the tyrannical tendencies in our society has becomes more plainly manifest.
    1A1b1. This will lead to a lowered standard of living.
    1B. The problem of the nuclear family is that while a young individual gains the benefits of parental wisdom, he or she also inherits their negative social traits and neuroses, et al.

    2. The 60’s and the 70’s saw a great experiment in communal living that resulted in certain failure.
    2A. This forces us to ask, is there anything between these two extremes?

    3. Our church proposes this median line.
    3A. Semi-private living provides both the opoportunity for the nuclrar famiy to continue, with the expense that goes with that.
    3A1. It’s a multi-family idea that binds these families through the mutual loyalty for the church, as a shielf from mundane society.
    3B. Positive traits are then maintained fromt eh nuclear family and become widely available, while negative traits can be eliminated–it’s a unique eugenic.

    4. The struggle for wealth removes the opportunity for the development of nibility.
    4A. The spiritual lifestyle becomes all but impossible, as free time is replaced with supplemental employment.
    4B. Without the free time to read, create, write, reflect and even play, nobility is lost & the soul is destroyed.

    5. Planned, intentional community is an idea whose time has come.
    5A. We chose the property at North Hoosick, as we saw a depressed area with a lot of undervalued properties.
    5A1. We’re hoping this will attract other people to buy.
    5B. Within our planned structure, we can create cooperative purchases of essential items, such as food & insurance.
    5B1. We can provide for the mutual exchange of services in barter.
    5B1a. Babysitting
    5B2. This would come without the problems of developing a cult that isolate iself from the world; semi-private, not private.

    6. Nobility comes by way of culture & within the church/community, we can begin to develop something authentic.
    6A. Authenticity is the key to culture.
    6A1. Getting outside of mainstream mass-culture is the key to authenticity.
    6B. Real cutlure is also dependent on real information.
    6B1. With our church/community, we can develop real news analysis.
    6B1a. We can then escape media propaganda.

    7. Capitalism is great on some levels, but all things, such as culture, medicine & news are corrupted by markets.
    7A. Capitalism creates a machine that really can’t be escaped.
    7A1. The secret is to learn to use the machine & not to let it use you up.


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