Magick is a trap for the ignoble and immoral.  It presents itself to us in a glamour-laden package that attempts to seduce our prurience and power-lust.  People approach it in the hope of producing miracles in their lives that will bring to them money, lovers, fame and power over others.  Yet, Magick is a word that is synonymous with wisdom and is all about one’s spiritual development.  You can read books on how to evoke spirits and begin the practice of Magick and you will become beguiled.  Or you can read books on philosophy and the ongoing quest of the human soul and find yourself counted upon the nobility.  Mercury the trickster god offers you this choice.

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  1. Nobility
    Sermon Notes

    1. Prior to the founding of the U.S.A., education was reserved for the wealthy class.
    1A. The lower class, peasants, used a symbol system for written communication.
    1A1. Book of symbols.
    1B. Today, we have a plethora of symbols & memes for the middle, working & lower classes that do affect the mind.
    1B1. All still peasants.
    1B2. While symbols can suggest many words, memes can use words to say very little.
    1B2a. ‘a picture paints a thousand words’
    1B3. Commercial products & Corporate symbols are devoid of meaning.
    1B3a. Mystical symbols are generally packed with meaning.
    1B3b. Commercial symbols are designed merely to get one to remember products to consume & generate false trust in the company.
    1C. Memes; especially spiritual memes often convey false platitudes & on a socio-political level, often deliver ‘gotcha’ comments that are equally false.
    1C1. We’ll refrain from giving examples of socio-political memes; except to say that they play onthe motions while pretending to deliver rational responses to issues.
    1C1a. They confound more than they clarify.
    1C2. The false platitudes of spiritual memes can actually be harmful to spiritual well-being.
    1C2a. Abundance in life is achieved only when we tear down walls & fill our lives with light.
    1C2b. Sprinkle your loving essence in the Universal’s magical garden; lighten every darkned corner with the light of pure love.
    1c2c. What we think, we become; what we feel, we attract; what we imagine, we become.

    2. Becoming literate is the key to nobility, which is why writing is considered to be the first Magick.
    2A. There is functional reading, which is not enobling.
    2A1. Reading labels, directions, street signs, et al.
    2B. There is reading for entertainment or light reading, which is not enobling.
    2B1. Pulp fiction & fantasy.
    2C. Then there is the range of the humanities that most people compeltely ignore.
    2C1. Serious literature and poetry generally deals with the moral & ethical issues of our time, as well as speculation into the meaning of life.
    2C2. Philosophy, psychology & metaphysics is essential for spiritual growth.
    2C2a. Without this, one cannot expect to advance human thought.
    2D. While science is important, and should perhaps be classed w/metaphysics, by itself, it can still leave the emotional life in a vapid state.

    3. Emotional development is an important complement to intellectual development, so that one without the other is relatively useless.
    3A. You are not necessarily mature; just because you are older & have more life experience.
    3B. As your creative intellect must be brought from you, so must yoiur emotions be brought out of a restricte state.
    3B1. It is highly recommended that everyone take on 6 months of psychotherapy; not so much to cure any neurosis, but to better ‘know thyself’

    4. The noble man is to the common man, as the common man is to the ape.
    4A. The common man is a victim of circumstance; for better or worse.
    4B. The noble man is a leader & developer who shapes the world & its circumstance.
    4B1. Few are authentically noble.
    4B2. These few are often scorned or persecuted by the common man.


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