In order for any being to find life both viable and worthwhile, that being must find meaning and build the determination ‘to be.’  The same can be said for the beingness of the GCL.  Our church must facilitate a wholesome and intentional community that seeks to bring out the genius in every individual in that community.  Otherwise the church has can find no meaning and is not viable in itself.  Community must define our church, as our church must define our community; and they both bear a direct relationship with each and every one of our identities.

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  1. The Mission of the GCL
    Sermon Notes

    1. Let’s imagine this for starters: You’re either starting a family or you’ve already got your own family. And you’re steeped in the American tradition of a Sunday servic.
    1A. You take your family to a denominational church & you come out of the service feeling awful=a hypocrite or you have being called a sinner.
    1B. The theology presented has no ring of truth & is too simplistic.
    1C. You feel your lifestyle simply doesn’t mesh with the implied community standards of the church.
    1C1. And you don’t want to be told how to behave.

    2. Here’s where we start–“Every man and every woman is a star.”–AL:I.2
    2A. In the books of Isaiah & John of the Old & New Testaments it is statd: “Ye are gods.”
    2A1. But of course, this is ignored.
    2B. It is said that everyone has the ‘great American novel’ within them.
    2B1. This is an allusion to the depth inherent in every one of us.
    2B1a. Our genius resides in that depth.
    2C. Such depth has alays been accessed in community.
    2C1. The Cabaret Voltaire, the American Transcendentalists, the Beats–even the GD.
    2C2. We are creating this community/church for those fostering genius of the soul–Gnosis.

    3. No man is an island. Individual genius comes through relation.
    3A. Though we work on an individual level, through each other we find reflection and dialogue.
    3A1. This is why qabalists work in cliques.
    3B. Einstein worked with his first wife & other associates who helped him, as have so many others who have reached pinnacles of success.
    3B1. Mentoring is a certain key behind every success story.
    3C. Great minds talk about ideas. [The average mind talks about things. Small minds gossip.]
    3C1. Mutual inspiation & support; friendly competition all develops in dialogue & conversation.
    3C2. We are the company we keep.

    4. Our community is loca, regional, national and international, as we have the wonderful advantage of social media.
    4A. Where once, genius starved in isolation, we can foster interaction.
    4B. Where once, information was difficult to come by or was distorted, we can foster its generation.
    4C. You can truly get out of us, what you put into us.
    4C1. The more you build us up, the more we prop you up.

    5. The purity of our current has been inaugurated with our historic church.
    5A. We are seeking quality over quantity…seeking those few who are of ‘us.’
    5A1. Dysfunctional behavior will never be tolerated for the sake of a donor’s wallet.
    5A1a. And we’ve proven that already.
    5B. We are not seeking the isolation of our community, that some might develop.
    5B1. Gnosis is about the free flow of information and experience.

    6. As Schopenhauer said: “In the light of our whole world view, the will is not only free, but even almighty, from it comes not only its actions, but also its world: and as the world is, so does its action appear, so does its world appear…The will determines itself, and therewith its action and its world also, for besides it there is nothing.”
    6A. “Do what thou will shall be the whole of the Law.”
    “Love is the law, love under will.”


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