Righteousness from the Gnostic point of view is about developing your own relationship with the L.V.X. (Light); being willing to receive such from that which informs your being and opening yourself of to a greater awareness of yourself and the world around you.  And then, learning to give the L.V.X. to others by finding the Divine in everyone and everything.

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  1. Righteousness
    Sermon Notes

    1. When the spirit has left the temple, morality comes in to fill the void.
    1A. This is called the abomination of desolation.
    1A1. An abomination is that which is w/o the Divine, as is also any desolate quarter.
    1A2. The consecration of any sanctuary is a dedication to the Divine. But if there is no expression of spirit in the sanctuary, it cannot be said to the Divine.
    1B. We must not presuppose here some actual personage, as is found in superstitious quarters.
    1B1. The Divine is the projection we bring into the sanctuary.
    1B1a. And if we are overly concerned w/some moral judgment, we lose sight of the sensibility of the presence of holiness.
    1B1a1. There is no sin, there is no guilt, there is only the law, Do what thou wilt.

    2. AL: “The word of sin is restriction.”
    Righteousness begins with proclaiming your Divinity & not filling your head w/our judments regarding your behavior.
    2A. Yes, the New Testament talks about ‘correct living’ and being free from sin as a practicality that promotes health & longevity.
    2A1. But what good are thhese to a slave that would be beholden to some god for the ‘original sin’ of merely being born?
    2B. Rigtheousness, as commonly defined is then as much a political concept, as it is a moral concept; designed to control and/ or restrict people’s behavior.
    2B1. It can make us all hyper-critical of each other, which can create alienation among us & reduce the sacred body of our congregation.
    2B1a. We need then to re-define righteousness to show a greater light forward for us.

    3. The very definition of superstition is following old rites & formulae; forgetting their original values & meaning.
    3A. So we’re going to note here that all the old rituals pertaining to righteousness and purification are black; couched in the darkness of ignorance.
    3A1. Our re-definition of righteous behavior is going to mark itself in the light of our Gnostic praxis.
    3B. Our new rituals of righteousness & purification belong to us in the L.V .X. of our individual & collective resurrection.
    3B1. Per our Rosicrucian Mass, I am Osiris On Nophris, the Justified–and so are you!
    3B1a. We have arisen to the L.V.X. of our own divintiy & are purified in the sacrament of the mass & the community it establishes.

    4. Righteousness in a Gnostic sense includes:
    4A. Self-Observation; seeking out our unconscious impulses.
    4A1. One certain exercise for this is to try to capture the expression on our own face, while zoning out when walking alone or driving.
    4A1a. In this way, we can learn to find our silent disposition & countenance.
    4B. The practice of clarity of mind; unconfusing the intellectual & emotional centers in the psyche by listening to the rationalizations we make in dealing with situations in our lives.
    4B1. This includes working through reasoning & logic to a more rational behavior & rooting out cognitive dissonance.
    4C. Performing our Adoration of Nuit.
    4C1. This is our departure from narcissism and the opening of the heart chakkra.
    41Ca. Caring for family and community of the church, our county & our world.
    41Ca1. This is true righteousness.


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