synchronicity 2

Meaningful coincidence is created out of the meaning we create for our lives.  We are the creators of ourselves; each of us deriving meaning for our lives from the depth of our own experience of life.  And when we are on a serious spiritual path, there will be moments that emerge that will become special markers along the way.  So that as Robert Frost said, the path you choose will make all the difference.

Please see the sermon video below, and the notes used to deliver the sermon below that.
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  1. Sermon Notes

    1. Synchronicity is a term coined by the mystical psychoanalyst, C.G. Jung.
    1A. It distinguishes between mere co-incidents that might garner some tacit interest and those that garner more meaningful interest.
    1A1. Mundane interests are trivial in nature and are generally not retained in our memory; making no impression on the soul.
    1A2. Meaningful interests are as if profound to the soul and arouse a numinous sensibility.
    1B. We might then consider co-incidents; TS in contrast w/coincidence-CE.
    1B1. Co-incidents are simply two events that happen at the same time.
    1B1a. You are listening and I am talking.
    1B2. Coincidence are two events that happen simultaneously and bring a profound response.
    1B2a. You are listening and I am saying something you really needed to hear in this moment.

    2. From synchronous events we draw meaningful, spontaneous association to correlated events.
    2A. It can seem as if the Universal Mind is speaking directly to the individual.
    2B. An “Aha!” experience breaks out as a knee-jerk reaction to the event.
    2B1. The Kundalini jumps into the cranium.
    2C. This can be the directed psychic force from the desire bodies of two sympathetic parties.
    2D. This can be more the directed psychic destiny of one person; emerging from his or her unconscious.
    2D1. An important mentor appears that sends one on an epic journey that he or she may not have been consciously seeking.
    2D1a. This may be a chance meeting with someone remarkable, who provides inspiration at an important junction in one’s life.

    3. A dramatic awakening can occur by a seemingly unrelated trigger that leads one to say “Now I know that I have always known.”
    3A. The experience brings certainty to one’s being, as if an attainment of Nuit (a descent of the Shekinah). AL:I “I give certainty, not faith while in life…”

    4. A spiritual message may come through some medium (in the form of a person or event) that may be prophetic or resolves a conundrum.
    4A. When Achad discovered the number 31 as the key to Liber AL, it became a numinous experience for Crowley.
    4A1. Crowley found in him the one to follow him, so that he could further his own initiation.
    4B. Crsowley’s wife; ignorant of Magick, leads him to Aiwass & the reception of AL.

    5. Deja-vu experiences can be synchronous in that they connect conscious & unconscious events & generate a feeling of the ‘marvelous.’
    5A. The ‘marvelous’ is a term used by surrealists to tap into something mythic in the mind.
    5A1. We are presented with a numinous feeling; even if we can’t explain it.

    6. Synchronicity is really something that can’t be understood, until it happens to you.
    6A. But you will recognize it when it happens.
    6A1. Yet, not always in the moment. Sometimes the most profound experiences happen, as we recall situations to rediscover them and find that at the time, they were yet working on an unconscious level.


    1. May I ask what you mean by “This can be the directed psychic force from the desire bodies of two sympathetic parties.”?


      1. Hi Sco…I’m so sorry to take so long to get back to you. WordPress is horrible at notifying me that messages were sent, and I only saw this now. But we all exude energy in generating desire. Two people in psychic sympathy with each other become keen receptors of each others energy, and can direct what they exude.


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