Finding Meaning

The core of Gnostic thought can be expressed as opening your heart to yourself and to the world.  In order to do this, practically, one needs to begin by finding meaning in and for your life.  This can take as many forms as there are people, and one has to manufacture this for oneself.  Indeed, you might find a certain work that resonates with your own sensibilities, and apply all your effort to that work.

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  1. Sermon Notes
    Finding Meaning

    1. The Existentialist philosopher argues that life ‘in itself’ is essentially meaningless.
    1A. Christianity says that the meaning of life is to serve God.
    1B. Traditional QBL teaches that the process of emanation is for God to know itself…
    1B1. …for man to know God
    1B2. …for God to know man

    2. For the Gnostic attempting to awake from the unconsciousness, there can be an initial dread felt on this realization.
    2A. Why bother to make an effort to accomplish anything.
    2A1. Let’s just pursue pleasure.
    2A1a. The pain of living becomes unbearable & depression easily follows.
    2A1b. Even pleasure devolves into decadence & an ominous dread.

    3. Unconsciousness? The ontology of being; the child awakes from infancy; the teenager from childhood; the young adult from puberty; the established adult to eventually face the existential crisis of meaning.
    3A. The mid-life crisis is a confrontation w/old age and dying.
    3A1. Some want to make their mark on the world.
    3A2. Some want to make their mark on their family.

    4. The quest for immortality emerges.
    4A. Some find it though great works & most find it through birthing children.
    4A1. The key is for one’s name to live on past death.
    4B. But even this can leave one empty inside, as still it is only a matter of time before most of us will be completely forgotten.

    5. Greater than immortality; one’s name living on is the immediacy of finding purpose; one’s ‘raison d’etre’.
    5A. In family, we push the family line; raising a generation with a greater standard of living than our own.
    5A1. We then contribute to the evolutionary development of society.
    5A1a. Educating & rearing children to be good citizens
    5A1a1. Feeling the connection to society be overcoming alienation.
    5B. Innovators, inventors, creators & great thinkers affect human history from another angle.
    5B1. They lead & inspire.
    5B2. They inform the education of our children.
    5C. Entertainers & Athletes, docors & lawyers, police & government; maintenance employees provide social support.
    5C1. These provide stability & well-being that helps to keep us whole.

    6. We all then can find a way to contribute to the human community. But w/o the development of the self, we become but ants or cogs in the machine.
    6A. The major problem in modern religion & spirituality is that it continues to feed this alienation with its moralisms & the betowal of guilt & repentance.
    6A1. Morality is but a service to society. We offer no doctrine in this.
    6A1. While it can improve thestructure of the soul it cannot respond to our deep-seated, spritiual need for meaning.
    6A2. When the spirit leaves the temple, morality rushes in to fill the void.

    7. We’ve spoken of prayer & meditation; the Holy Books of Thelema and the prouction of pophecy that every generation needs to engage with in orderto connect heaven & earth.
    7A. All of this pressages a turning within in order to find out inner selves.
    7A1. Diary keeping & dream analysis; the study of the ancient symbols, as well as the exploration of our hearts & feelings is the key.
    7A2. Still also the development of our intellect as the tool we need to comprehend all this inner work is essential.
    7A3. We offer no specific dogma for this, as each has their own dreams & symbols to connect wiith & to identify with.
    7B. The inner journey is mapped & is as real a territory as the surface of the Earth or the zodiacal skies above us.
    7B1. It is marked by archetypres & symbols that play out in your dreams & your creative expressions in the world.
    7B2. It is formed in your daydreams, as well.
    7C. Specific techniques & doctrinal programs of methodology cannot be helpful, as we stive not to get your Gnosis to fit our church, but our church to inspire your Gnosis.
    7C1. We offer a place to plant your feet, and all the air, sunlight & water you’ll need to flower in order to become yourself, which automatically produces meaning.


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