Spiritual awareness is so much more than otherworldly contemplation.  Indeed, without the mind dwelling in both that higher dimension and this so-called lower dimension is vital.  The integral fullness that comes from an awareness of both Heaven and Earth, is a fullness that encompasses the breadth and depth of being.  We are simply incomplete as human beings to be only aware of either without the other.  If we find ourselves completely absorbed in Heaven, we prove ourselves psychotic on the Earth.  And if we find ourselves totally absorbed in Earthly concerns, our soul just withers and dies.

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  1. Sermon Notes

    1. We can say there are several areas of awareness that comprise the scope of the mind; filling out its depth & breadth.
    o emotional-EQ
    o intellectual-IQ
    o spiritual-intuition of soul
    o cultural-personal expression
    o practical-Emerson said that common sense is the reserve of genius.

    2. Of the emotional, we need to take a personal inventory & examine the following:
    – memories of life’s events
    – perception of our parents, families & upbringing
    – relationship with one’s own body; its shspe, the comfort we feel in its movement (sensuality), and our perception of beauty.
    – our sense of well-being, health & security.
    – our sense of selfhood & feeling of being a complete person.

    3. Our intellectual development contributes to our nobility.
    3A. Developing both, what are called left & right brain function is integral to the wholesome balance of our undrstanding of the world.
    3A1. Logic, math & science are all left-brain activities.
    3A2. Abstract thought, such as art, philosophy, metaphysics & aesthetics involve right-brain function.

    4. The intuition of one’s soul involves the trancendental function of the mind.
    4A. Developing a balance & harmony between the emotional & intellectual function.
    4B. Faith in oneself, leading to a faith in others & the world around us cultivates a moral function.
    4B1. This brings on a sense that there is something that is greater than oneself.
    4B2. The sense of satisfaction, completion & fulfillment & the ability to express this congeals the soul into a beingness that formulates one’s identity.
    4B2a. Know Thyself

    5. Culture evolves out of our social & political, as well as our economic interaction with each other.
    5A. Our sense of community develops ideas of responsibility towards ourselves & each other.
    5A1. The discernment of how we fit in & where our place is within society innately recognizes the need to develop oneself & help provide opportunity for others to do the same.
    5B. Establishing our awareness of community & culture in an historical context is vital for mature growth.
    5B1. Who & what we are has everything to do with where we came from and how we got here.
    5B1a. This also gives us our prognosis for the future.
    5B1a1. Our intuition then develops into prophetic vision for society & divination for the self.

    6. A note on anti-mindfulness: this has everything to do with fear & self-loathing.
    6A. From this, hate evolves; both against the self & against others.


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