The alarming amount of meaningless words and phrases that are poured into our brains in a constant stream on a daily basis is an immanent and potent danger to our individual beingness.  In order to gain clarity of mind and self-determination, we need to get the clutter out of our mental closet and return it to the trash heap that is our consumer culture.  What this onslaught offers us is an opportunity to practice the process of attaining Gnosis, simply by paying attention to that which we generally ignore in our day-to-day experience of culture.

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  1. Sermon Notes
    Mental Hygiene: Our Consumer Culture

    1. Soul is Mind: The corruption of thought is the desecration of the human soul.
    1A. Nonsense thoughts & vapid memes trigger subconscious responses that confuse the emotional & intellectual centers.
    1A1. Fear, self-loathing, hatred and the reinforcement of ignorance and naievete.
    1B. Meaningless phrases generate logic the victimizes the unsuspecting & trustful.
    1B1. This destroys the growth & development of the intellect.
    1B2. This also harms emotional development.

    2. Religions, Government & Corporate advertising deliver propaganda in order to indoctrinate the mind.
    2A. This makes one acquiesce to the intentions of others.
    2A1. Used for social control & leads on away from individual or heretical thought.
    2A1a. This is efficient for authoritarian control & consumer manipulation that grows the economy.
    2B. Religious teachings that note heaven & hell, or transmigration manipulate behavior & support governmental policing.
    2B1. They can be very practical.
    2B2. But they turn the Divine into a fear generator.
    2B2a. Fear of the Lord becomes a virtue.
    2B3. These present false ideas that sound & feel wise, while containing no meaning whatsoever.
    2B3a. “Altruism puts you in touch with the Universe.”–Theosophy being Xtian morality warmed-over…spirit leaving the temple.
    2C. Government propaganda develops patriotism & social indentification.
    2C1. In excess, jingoism & intolerance.
    2C1a. “America, love it or leave it.”
    2C2. Political parties misinform & lead people away from truth. This alienates people from themselves & each other.
    2C2a. It gets people to act against their own interests.
    2C2a1. The enemy is upon us.
    2C2a2. Let’s take back our country.
    2D. Corporate advertising creates false needs, self-loathing & confounds the mind with meaningless, nonsense, statements tht inhibit intellectual & emotional development.
    2D1. False needs (fear):
    2D1a. Without deodorant you’ll lose out on a chance for love or that promotion at work.
    2D1b. Without flake preventing shampoo–same problem.
    2D1c. Same w/grey hair removal products.
    2D1d. Anti-aging cream promotes body shaming & fear of aging.
    2D1e. Diet programs don’t work, but the body shaming of their commercials do.
    2D1f. False diseases, such as ‘too many tears’ are cured w/new drugs.
    2D1g. Vitamins that are not absorbed by the body are sold @ high prices on the fear of cancer & other problems.
    2D1g1. Outlier news present false miracle cures thorugh overpriced herbal extracts, et al.
    2D2. Sexual allure has corrupted our idea of physical beauty & false images of people modified w/special effects has furthered body shaming & comes in between our attraction for others.
    2E. Product protection plans offer nothing past the warranty for an added price.

    3. Meaningless jingles, slogans & phrases that pretend to inform rob us of the opportunity to develop critical thought.
    3A. Be all you can be in the army.
    One nation under God.
    In God we Trust.
    3B. Jesus Saves
    God is great (Allah Akbar)
    3C. In the corporate shpere, it is the worst.
    3C1. Exclusive
    Powered by technology (underwear, socks and shirts)
    New & Improved
    Scientifically formulated
    Incredible Savings
    Spectacular Blowout
    Hurry (don’t think about it, but ACT NOW)
    3C2. Sex sells everything & ads must be designed to be sexy.
    3C3. Subliminal background messages come through the impossible, but lovely family scenes going on behind the voice-over.
    3C3a. Give examples:
    Grandpa in loving embrace w/the kids
    Friends at the party on the ocean front w/stringed lights
    3C1a. The want to convince you that these products are part of your family.
    3C4. Examples of Slogans:
    Obey your thirst
    It’s love that makes a Subaru a Subaru
    Just Do It
    Fights bad breath
    Gives you more
    Big Flavors
    We’ll do the math for you
    A new frontier of amazing
    You’re in good hands
    Make everyday legendary
    Nourishing, throughtful food
    Ford: Built for everything
    The detergent that cares as much as it cleans
    Feel the power of cold
    Underwear powered by technology
    Locally brewed


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