It can be said that the mind capable of holding cosmic consciousness is a mind as far beyond the human mind, as the human mind is so far beyond the mind of an animal.  Animals hold a preceptual level of consciousness, and humans can group those precepts into concepts; holding a conceptual level of consciousness.  Now, imaging a mind, able to group concepts together to produce such an awareness that trancends human consciousness by a quantum leap; a quantum-consciousness.

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  1. Cosmic Consciousness
    Sermon Notes

    1. In the book ‘Cosmic Consciousness,’ by the American Trancendentalist, Dr. Maurice Bucke, he describes conceptual awareness as teh human ability to group a number of precepts into a concept.
    1A. Precepts are said to be simple thought objects, such as can be recognized by an animal.
    1A1. They are generally known without any connection to other precepts.
    1A1a. eg. The elements of a storm; wind, rain, lightening, flooding, et al are each taken separately. But the concept of a storm is unattainable.
    1A1a1. This can lead to inordinate fearful reaction in an animal. (eg. Teddy)
    1B. Human intelligence & talent can even be augmented by the ability to comprehend and utilize abstract concepts, such as those used in mathematics & music.
    1B1. This is considered the hightest level of human functionality, as it engages a greater use of both right & left hemispheres of the brain.
    1B1a. We can say that such talent is comprised of using subtle concepts that enable us to manpulate the sophisticated concepts involved in theoretical & aesthetic valuations.

    2. As precepts can be grouped into concepts, Dr. Bucke explores the idea that concepts can be groups into aggregates he calls Cosmic Consciousness.
    2A. Precpetual Consciousness then belongs to an animal.
    2B. Conceptual consciousness then belongs to the human being.
    2C. Cosmic Consciousness then belongs to the next stage in human evolution.
    2C1. I think it important to say that we are not talking about meta-concepts, or trancending concpetual awareness into some meditative state.
    2C1a. We are talking about a mind that can apprehend a group of concepts into one thought object, as a human being groups an aggregate of precepts ionto one thought element.
    2C1a1. Such a person would be as far beyond a human, as a human is beyond an animal.

    3. One illustration has helped me to imagine what this state of being might be like.
    3A. Tell story of Dr. McCoy replacing Spock’s brain.
    3B. In myself, I have observed a level of thought in my writing when the whole of the work seems to come to me and in the poetry writing of my college years, it almost seemed like I was taking dictation.
    3B1. In writing some of my books, it seems to me that I was engaged in a level of thought that like McCoy, I can’t remember. I feel I may need to re-read them.
    3B1a. Holding this level of thought in my head seems to come from a deep level of concentration.
    3B1a1. I was holdin so many elements in my head & could pull them into a concptual order, as I wrote.
    3B1a1a. I can’t describe this any better.
    3B2. Workin on my Enochian tranlation of Liber Loagaeth, has even felt inspired to me.
    3B2a. So much so that I have classified the work as Class B.

    4. Dr. Bucke attributes an observable phenomena to someone that attains to this level of awareness, as he describes a variety of such occurances in certain people.
    4A. The most recognizable occurrence is reocrded in the New Testament with the transfiguration of Jesus.
    4A1. A radiating light seems to engulf the person.
    4A1a. Dr. Bucke gives a host of examples; including his friend Walt Whitman.


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