The Self or the Ego is the object of so much misunderstanding that it almost seems impossible to get to any clarity on what it is or who “I” am.  And indeed, most people go through their entire lives without ever discovering who “I” am; adding to the difficulty overlaying the subject.  But through the many archetypes there are for people in our society and the mythologies that so many types generate, we can intuitively come to an understanding of who “I” am, through them.

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  1. Sermon Notes
    The Archetype of the Self

    1. Archetypes are symbolic imprints on human consciousness & a measure of human evolution.
    1A. They are planted deep in our psyche, so that the concept of being born ‘tabula rasa’ is a misnomer.
    1B. More than likely, we inherited some primitive archetypes from our evolutionary forbears (Neanderthal).
    1B1. These were probably primitive version of several archetypes that we hold in our psyche today.
    1B1a. The attacking animal or the hunt, as we find painted on cave walls.
    1B1a1. We can speculate these ar connected to what we call instinct in animals.

    2. The archetype of the Self comes from the mythic unconscious & is demonstrated by the mandala to show how it becomes conscious.
    2A. The Self is @ the center; surrounded by the other parts of the psyche.
    2A1. This is much like the Ruach; graphically presented on the Tree-of-Life.
    2A1a. Tiphareth is in the center; the Sun surrounded by the other planets.
    2A1a1. The 7 demigods; 1 surrounded by 6.
    2B. These other parts work w/the center to create one’s identity.
    2B1. On most traditional mandalas, the center of the circle is surrounded by a quaternary; giving us the rubric of the circle squared.
    2B1a. Reference is often made to the 4 winds & the 4 directions or corners of the Earth.
    2B1b. From this, we also get the symbol of the cross & with the circle, the Rosy Cross.

    3. Crosses and circles from the root of sacred geometry & the beginning of the Pythorean investiation into metaphysics.
    3A. The depth of the sacred symbol goes deep into human memory & exists in history, many years before Christianity.
    3A1. The Christians merely co-opted it.
    3B. When looking at the Sun & the stars, the eye naturally sees this symbol, and always has, so that we can say that it is found in nature.
    3B1. It can be said that all gods are symbols of the self.

    4. One symbol of the self has been called the Elixir of Life (God is Life).
    4A. Note, the symbol of the biune god that we adore in our Rosicrucian Mass is not anthropomorphic; nor a dentative symbol.
    4A1. We are actually then, adoring a symbol of the Self; rendered w/some sophistication.
    4B. The Magickal Childe generated from the syzygy of the biune god represents the wholly integrated character of the Self.
    4B1. This is the union of the female anima & male animus in each of us (explain).
    4B1a. But it also can be generated in the world by conjugal relation; an outer integration.
    4B2. The internal integration is our personal evolution, and is symbolized by the Adam Kadmon; the transcended self or perfected self.

    5. Archetypes are universal symbols that become incorporated into mythology.
    5A. They are trancendent images that defy intellectual analysis.
    5A1. They require a synthetic approach to understanding, which is why they’re written into myth.
    5B. Therefore, the Self as a symbol is undefineable.
    5B1. The many different gods of mythology are presentations of the many expressions of the Self.
    5B2. The many different archtypes expressed through mythology can also present the many types of Self.
    5B2a. Child, Wise One, Magickian, Healer, Martyr, Mentor, Damsel in Distress, Scarecrow, Innocent, Orphan, Warrior, Addict, Advocate, Messiah, Mother, Father.
    5B2a1. The potency of these archetypes can move us to respond in subtle & even unconscious ways.
    5B2a2. For example, we can be moved w/feelings of awe or fear beroe them.
    5B2a2a. “The fear of God.”


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