The Qabalah teaches a metaphysical construct of the human soul that is built into an ontology of consciousness. Through this we show how the Divine involutes into the body, as spirit, and how the body builds consciousness and a soul from this. That soul literally becomes the substance of the Self; having attained to Individuation.

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  1. Sermon Notes
    The Soul

    1. The Qabalah provides for us, a metaphysical construct of the human soul.
    1A. In general, we can consider the soul, a deliberate construct involving and emerging from the union of body with spirit.
    1A1. Through their merger, a personality is formulated, & a concept of self is dicovered.
    1A1a. This can be called an ontology of being or becoming.
    1A2. The descent of the spirit into the body wakes it up fro its more primal concerns.
    1A2a. And as this happens also, the spirit discovers its own individuality.
    1B. AL:I.3 “Every man and every woman is a star.”
    1B1. We can then recognize two types of personalities; the sleeper & the wakeup person.
    1B1a. The sleeper is not a fully formulated star, but remains unconscious to the starry nature.
    1C. The Adam Kadmon is the hologaphic model that qabalists use to trace the descent of the Divine into human form.
    1C1. This model is the involutionary holographic prototype from which men & woman are created.
    1C1a. From the evolutionary direction, which happens simultaneously, the Earth provies the “clay” or flesh to complete the manifestation of spirit into matter.
    1C1a1. Myths include Adam & Eve eating the apple & the Sons of God mating with the Daughters of Men.

    2. The fully awakened personality is a deliberate construct that involves training the animal passions or primal instincts, mastering the emotions & developing the intellect.
    2A. This takes the whole process to its fulfillment and those who get to this state of genius become the stars & heroes of our society.
    2A1. These stars create a pantheon of iconic people who rise in all professions & walks of life.
    2A1a. These are well-developed personalities who ahve distinguished themselves.
    2A1b. These are the leaders in the world, who shape our culture & history.

    3. We are mammals & gods; keeping the refinement of our divine nobility & holding to our physical sensuality.
    3A. This is an evolutionary sophistication that fructifies the soul.
    3B. The tension between our animal & spiritual natures is as sand in an oyster, that yields the pearl that is our soul.
    3B1. The sophistication of our sensuality & the education of our intellect develops our soul.
    3B1a. This is the wholesomeness of our lives.
    3B2. In this we undersand that our emotions are an analysis of issues with the body, as our intellect serves to analyze the emotions.
    3B2a. We can then elevate our emotinoal lives through the care of the body & free the intellect for more noble pursuit.

    4. Mind is soul; Cartesian dualism assures us of the separation between mind & body; coming about through the means we just suggested.
    4A. Developing the EQ & the IQ to a state of perfection is the asar un nefer or Gnosis.
    4A1. In this ultimately, the emotions are transformed & connect with higher strata of our collective consciousness, as the intellect brings its innovative virtue to the world at-large.
    4A1a. We move beyond the self to a true adoration of the Goddess–Nuit.


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