This month for the inauguration of our 9th Annual Membership/Fundraising Drive, we offer a sermon that really underscores why it’s a good idea to join the historic congregation of the Gnostic Church of L.V.X. We hope our message comes across, and that you will want to help keep our ship sailing through time and history.

Please see the sermon video below, and the notes used to deliver the sermon below that.
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  1. Sermon Notes
    Joining the GCL

    1. Our church is radicall different from any other church you might consider.
    1A. We are different from other Gnostic chruches, as we don’t offer a substitute belief system.
    1B. We are different from other Christian chruches; dying all around us, as we don’t offer any belief system, nor moral instruction.
    1B1. There’s just no such thing as one set of morals that should fit everyone.
    1C. We are not a religion; but a community.
    1C1. The word ‘church’ means community and is really synonymous with congregation.
    1C1a. For us, ‘church’ belongs to our historic building and congreation is our historic community.

    2. We are not about worshipping any god that has power over us.
    2A. We see ache person as that god; individually and collectively.
    2A1. We are holograms in the body of the Divine.
    2A1a. The molecules of our bodies reflect the image of constellations.
    2B. It si for each of us, our genius that makes us a star in a company of stars.
    2B1. AL:I.3 “Every man and every woman is a star.”
    2C. We are each a ‘subject of knowing’–building a soul to tincture the undifferentiated Spirit that animates our flesh.
    2C1. This isolates a portion of that Spirit to generate individualized Genius.
    2C1a. We do not sate this as an article of belief, but by way of Gnostic experience; that we teach.

    3. Traditional religion robs us of the energy needed to create a soul, by the false teaching that hte soul already exists and can only be punished or rewarded after the death of the body.
    3A. This energy is then given over to do the bidding of religious and secular authroity.
    3B. People are then held in a state of unconsciousness and lose all contact with the genius.
    3B1. This is how the Matix works.
    3B1a. The enforcers are even one’s famil; all operating out of fear.

    4. Note that social acquiescence in a fundamentally superstitious culture, driven by ideological fear requires a perfect response.
    4A. For various reasons, some will fail to ‘fit in’ with the herd.
    4A1. Education – critical thinking skills
    Neurosis – failure to conform
    Health – inabiltiy to participate
    Unpopularlity – exclusion from normalcy
    Peculiar Interests – social conditioning overridden
    4B. One is taught by common religion that the ony meaning in life is to serve God.
    4B1. This becomes the root of moral instruction in traditional churches.
    4B1a. But as we see each of us as that God, we must serve ourselves and find our own meaning.
    4B1a1. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”
    4C. Older souls are those that can recognize the Matrix and rise above the Din.
    4C1. They can understand that when the Temple is without Spirit, morality rushes in to fill the void.

    5. Some people seem to have spontaneous conversionary experiences that force them to suddenly look beyond the religious background of the their families.
    5A. This can be temporary, short term, or permanent and long term.
    5B. This can be a deep experience or a very light one.
    5C. These are explained in ‘The Varieties of Religious Experience’ by William James; an American Transcendentalist and psychologist.
    5D. These are the people we are seeking to build our intentional community, along with those others we’ve already described.

    6. We do however, notice some difficulty in both showing up physicall or even to attend our online services.
    6A. This lies in teh fact that we are creatrues of habit, and after dropping out of traditional religion, the creation of new patterns and approaches take on the inertia of inaction.
    6B. in our cutlure we’re used to responding to new things by being lured in with a ‘free offer,’ or building some other false excitement.
    6B1. The pretense to value with something superficial is a common promotion ploy.
    6B1a. Someone once told me to put family pics of peole having fun on our website, as commonly used in television commercials.
    6B2. Of course the false lure of Christian churches is a promise of relief from one’s fear of death.
    6C. We can become moribound to our habit of inactivity and the falsity of all forms of promotion.
    6C1. Becoming jaded to any and all forms of community and chruch experience can start with the fact that all these efforts speak to the lowest common denominator, and abhor the very unique anture of the people we seek.

    7. We can only stress that as a chruch and congregation is that we are both historic and unique in ourselves.
    7A. our emotional appeal is to the genius inside you, and the moral support we offer in a world that is relatively hostile to someone that lives, thinks feels and acts behyond the limits of the lowerst common denominator.
    7A1. We want to facilitate and inspire your genius in mutual relation to the genius of our church.
    7A1a. By such inspiration, we understand the idea that to inspire means to add spirit.
    7A1a1. We have no moral teaching.


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