We promote the idea at the Gnostic Church of L.V.X., that we are a congregation facilitating genius in each other. And in this sermon, we explain how genius emerges from inspiration brought into the world from anything we might do. It’s in what we produce in our lives, and how we produce that; tied in with the Will, which is all about what we do. We invent ourselves and how we relate to the world, and what power we can have when we work with the synergy of our congregation!

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  1. Sermon Notes
    Intellect Part 1
    Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay

    1. We are commonly moved by the idea of genius, as if its appearance is something profound and extraordinary.

    1A. So when we say that we are in pursuit of developing the genius in our congregation, here at the GCL, it must be terribly off-putting to some people.

    1A1. Too many believe that they are not,or have no genius.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Intellect lies behind genius, which is intellect constructive. Intellect is the simple power anterior to all action or construction.”

    1B. But genius can be the most simple thing, as it is the product of the inspiration that moves us forwar in life; it is behind and works in support of everything we do.

    1B1. Patti Smith talks of moving our ‘particles of charm.’ this is about the creativity by which we put ourselves forward.

    1B1a. An old DJ friend of mine, Dan Berman used to say: “Be Creative.”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “We are all wise. The difference between persons is not in wisdom but in art.”

    2. It is not so much what we say, but that we recite a poem or sing a song. Rather, it is what we do that reveals our genius.

    2A. The mother that cooks the most exquisite meals; that even her grandchildren call on her kitchen.

    2B. The assembly line worker who is always there to uplift the morale of the rest of the crew.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “The thought of genius is spontaneous; but the power of picture or expression, in the most enriched and flowing nature, implies a mixture of will, a certain control over the spontaneous states, without which no production is possible. It is a conversion of all nature into the rhetoric of thought, under the eye of judgment, with a strenuous exercise of choice. And yet the imaginative vocabulary seems to be spontaneous also. It does not flow from experience only or mainly, but from a richer source. Not by any conscious imitation of particular forms are the grand strokes of the painter executed, but by repairing to the fountain-head of all forms in his mind.”

    3. When we tap into inspiration we spontaneously ‘move the soul’ to append to ourselves such elements that make us more than we presently have been to this current moment.

    3A. It is a tremendous force, that though beyonod our direct control, will almost certainly move to us, as we make ourselves open to it and by simply putting ourselves fully into what we are doing. As Rimbaud said: “We know how to give our whole life every day.”

    3B. To build our lives is a devotional volition that is both meditative or deliberative and proactive. But that also then, must in consequence receive the blessing of Divine Providence.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “But if the constructive powers are rare, and it is given to few men to be poets, yet every man is a receiver of this descending holy ghost, and may well study the laws of its influx.”

    4. We have no care for the valuation of one particular act or its product over any other. All of these are of genius and that is all that matters.

    4A. To do the dishes with the whole of your attention is to develop the skill of concentration and that the Hindus call Dharana.

    4A1. One could become a master yogi by way of these most mundae tasks.

    4B. The mind, as soul, move in every moment and the well-spring of the intellect is forever gushing and bubbling forth, as the stream of our thoughts forever emerges from the unconscious.

    4B1. And even in this, does the collective unconscious present itself as the voice of the Divine; that all can be prophets.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “In the intellect constructive, which we popularly designate by the word Genius, we observe the same balance of two elements as in intellect receptive. The constructive intellect produces thoughts, sentences, poems, plans, designs, systems. It is the generation of the mind, the marriage of thought with nature. To genius must always go two gifts, the thought and the publication. The first is revelation, always a miracle, which no frequency of occurrence or incessant study can ever familiarize, but which must always leave the inquirer stupid with wonder. It is the advent of truth into the world, a form of thought now, for the first time, bursting into the universe, a child of the old eternal soul, a piece of genuine and immeasurable greatness.”

    5. That the Divinity then speaks through us is even in its own rite, quite common. We see it in peopel who call attention around them; in the bright jovial nature of their character, and even that their dark side makes us gasp; when we would have ignored this in others.

    5A. And so, formulate yourselves, as fully as you can. And bring this both into your life and the life of those others that dwell all around you.


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