The outer world is a mob mentality; that as a whole is an amalgam of all our thoughts, and more powerful than any one of us, individually. This the zeitgeist that we, in our individual sovereignty, need to objectify, as we turn our attention to the voice within ourselves. The sleeping mob would destroy one’s soul if you let it. Be in the world quietly, as your real self, express and bring forth that which is within you.



  1. Sermon Notes

    1. Zeitgeist is the sway of the mob in a cultural context.
    1A. It is a personality put on a society.
    1A1. Hippie culture
    1A2. Nazi culture, et al.
    1B. This differs from the personality of an individual.
    1B1. But they both emerge organically.
    1B1a. They are formed of psychic forces from the individual and individuals in a social context.

    2. Group dynamics hold much more psychic force and can overwhelm the individual.
    2A. Mark Antony in Julius Caesar; “But Brutus says…”
    2B. Jung ina nd out of Nazi Germany.

    3. The issue with Zeitgeist is that it is generated from socio-political propaganda.
    3A. Social causes, Hippies, Sports fever, natural disasters and leadership; et al…these can bring out community connections, patriotism an other wholesome spiritual traits in people.
    3B. Nazis, Stalinism, Nationalism, et al, these bring out a much more stark human spirituality.

    4. We are the frinds we keep.
    4A. Steping back to something closer to an individual conern, our friends are one’s immediate society.
    4A1. It is good to choose those that would bring us up to those goals ahead of us.
    4A2. Hanging out with losers leads us to our own personal losses.
    4B. Our personality is formulated in a social context.
    4B1. The question really becomes, how much of this is self-motivated and ow much is motivate solely to please others and get along?
    4B1a. Does one pssess the courage of his or her own convictions?
    4B1b. Will those convictions hold out against a dysfunctional society?

    5. How do we define a sane man or woman in an insane and superstitious world?
    5A. If sanity makes one a king, the king has the option to mimick those with social disease. But an infected person cannot mimick the nobility of a king.
    5A1. A rich man can dress in rags, but a poor man can never put on fine clothes.
    5A2. An educated noble can operate with the morality of a jailhouse. But a convict can’t understand how to let go of his or anyone else’s pettiness.
    5B. One at a greater level of soul can pretend to fit in with all sorts of lesser potent souls, in order to conceal oneself.
    5B1. But one has to have the opportunity to express oneself authentically; even if tha’s bu tthe confidence of one’s mate.
    5B1a. That which we hold in ourselves must come forth from ourselves.

    6. But our collective voices make up the Zeitgeist. And though sleeping, every individual is truly a god.
    6A. The world being the amalgam of all our thoughts, it must then be perfect, as it is now.
    6A1. To complain about the world orthe sleeping state of others is a mistake.
    6A1a. With such a complaint, we must look for the error in ourselves; where we have failed in this understanding.


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