In the Western Mystery Tradition, Shakti-Pat is the ‘laying on of hands’–connected also, to the phenomena known as the ‘Wandering Bishops.’ These semi-mythical Gnostic bishops are said to be the one who transmitted the Light of the Gnosis from time immemorial through to today. Gnosis doesn’t recognize authority in its churches, but rather generates authenticity as it reaches out to foster genius in its congregations.

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  1. Sermon Notes:

    1. Shakti-Pat is a Hindu term denoting the transmission of spiritual force and/or authority.
    1A. The issue of spiritual authority is anethema to the modern Gnostic, as we are each our own authority.
    1B. In theory at least, spiritual force comes off one’s aura and can be transmitted onto the aura of another.
    1B1. The New Testament story of Jesus’ cloak being touched by a follower and he cries out “Who touched my cloak?”
    1B1a. The healing force flowing out from him.

    2. There is the phenomenon of the ‘Wandering Bishops’–those roaming troubadors allegedly in contact with the original Apostles, and who were touched by them.
    2A. These bishops are heterodox, as they escaped the control of the Roman Pontiff.
    2A1. This has to be more a myth, as no consistent Western line of transmission exists, as it does in the East.
    2A1a. Protestantism an Fundamentalism have developed their own orthodoxies off of Luther and Calvin; respectively, who themselves were not bishops.
    2B. As we know today, Jesus and his Apostles never existed; being characters in part of the original Gnostic mythos.
    2B1. So the Wandering Bishop phenomena is its own myth.
    2B1a. We can say even, that the myth evolves from the Troubadors of Europe; minstrels who coded their mysticism in their courting of young ladies through love songs played outside their windows.
    2B1a1. A secret Goddess worship.

    3. Shakti-Pat in the West becomes the ‘laying on of hands’–not all that different from the laying of the Kings sword on the shoulders of the Knight.
    3A. A medieval mythos gives us the Troubadours, from which the story of the Wandering Bishops probably evolved.
    3B. In the same way that the ‘Blue Bloods’ established their own royal lineages, which itself is more a myth–roal lines being established by conquest, so also these Troubadours can be said to develop spiritual lineages.
    3B1. We can surmist rom this, that each Troubadour, as ‘Master’ sought out his own ‘Disciple.’
    3B1a. Being of the few, there’s no way such lines could consistently hold over time.
    3B1a1. White & Black Schools.

    4. In modern theory, the Shakti-Pat is a flow of energy from a spiritual Adept to his or her disciple.
    4A. An immediate effect might be what is called the raising of the Kundalini in the Disciple.
    4A1. This can be a very dramatic experience with physical effects, or simply a profound spiritual/initiatory experience.
    4B. Unfortuantley, some today see this as no more than a formality; not unlike a king making a knight.

    5. The Gnostic syzygy presents a different dimension to the idea of energy transference, as the exhange of energy becomes mutual with a working couple.
    5A. This is technical, psyco-physical operation that establishes what is called the alchemical circulata.
    5A1. This being a tantric or sexual process, becomes a more modern theosophic practice.


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