With all the struggle over pantheons gods in the ancient world, they all had their own character, but each answered to the same concerns in the human psyche. In rushes a new paradigm; that of monotheism and the classical world comes to an end. But even in this is the duality of a good god and an evil devil; we just can’t escape the duality of this world, as our a-priori perception of the world. Operating as a polarity between the poles of negative and positive; removed from the stigma of good and evil, we find ourselves at the center of the Universe. And so we each are; the center being found everywhere, and the circumference found nowhere.

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  1. Sermon Notes
    Polarity & Syzygy

    1. In the QBL, the Adam Kadmon is shown as a male with the female implied therein. She projects down into manifestation and becomes the Shekinah or the blessing of God.
    1A. This seems a metaphysical representation of a cultural norm in the Hebrew patriarchy.
    1A1. In our own egalitarian enlightenment, we can re-present the Adam Kadmon as binue in nature.
    1A1a. This better explains the two genders emerged in the human race.

    2. The Hebrew culture was not originally patriarchal, but much more akin to Paganism in that Jehoovah; thhe male god (of war), was worshipped alongside Ba’al and Ashtoreth.
    2A. Indeed, Solomon is said t have built temples to three gods.
    2A1. Ultimately, the Hebrews chose the male god.

    3. Jehovah as a name for God is more a concatenation of the four-lettered name IHVH; called the Tetragrammaton.
    3A. The first two letters represent the Great Mother, and Great Father, as the second two letters represent the Son and Daughter.
    3A1.So that innately the godhead is paired into syzygies.
    3B. The godhead originates with the Great Mother and Father mating, whicih could be said to symbolize a spiritual unity and being that as yet, has no substance.
    3B1. This is a ‘knowing’ that suggests the biblial use of the term, as it takes place in Da’ath (Knowledge) on the Tree-of-Life.
    3B2. We might call this a spiritual in-folding.
    3C. The godhead then takes on astral substance, which is its offspring; Son and Daughter or Logos and Shekinah.
    3C1. This astral substance is the human soul on a racial scale; being the Adam Kadmon.
    3C1a. That finally, in the manifest wrold of duality, the Adam Kadmon takes on material substance; being divided into man and woman.
    3C1a1. AL–“I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union.”
    3C1a1a. “I am” is divided.

    4. The union of male and female; of the Sons and Daughters of the godhead, naturally reconstructs the Adam Kadmon on the astral plane.
    4A. Every coupling is innately divine and reeems the biune god that we adore.
    4A1. But also, each of us in ourselves is also an expression of the Adam Kadmo; having the opposite gender within us.
    4A1a. For male, the animal is within.
    4A1b. For female, the animus is within.
    4A2. In this, we must recognize the homosexual and lesbian dynamic, as also divine.
    4A2a. We can thus extend our egalitarian ideology.

    5. The ancient Gnostic sect called the Valentinians also generated teh idea of the psychic forces in each of us, as syzygies.
    5A. This can be said to reflect the pan idea the represented all planets, as both amle and female.
    5A1. Indeed, the planets are now by Hermeticists as the psychic componens of the Soul.
    5B. Everyone and everything can be siad to be in a polaric relationship; within and without.

    6. Polarity then, provides the dynamic by which we both construct our inner lives and relate to each other.
    6A. Within ourselves, the parts of our psyche need to be properly nourished and brought into alance with each other.
    6A1. These are again, the Valentinian syzygies.
    6B. External to ourselves, we need to relate to each other; that we might create society as a conduit for the propagation of our species.
    6B1. In the spirit of love and our own manifest divine will, we reassemble the Adam Kadmon on the astral plane and accomplish the ‘miracle’ of childbirth.

    7. And so we celebrate the Goddess who rules the Earth as the Daughter of the Godhead. We celebrate the God who rules the air above us and who is the Son of the godhead.
    7A. The progeny of the sacred fire an dholy waters bring us to Gnosis.


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