To keep one’s focus on life, one has to remove such attachment as that which holds our fears and weaknesses. For example, the fear of death keeps us from living out our lives; some get absorbed with Heaven, Hell and Reincarnation. When life’s focus gets subjectively fixed on this, one has alienated themselves from themselves, when rather, they should learn to step back and see their lives from an objective distance. This kind of detachment will help us to discover meaning for our lives and bring us to an inner state of wonder and joy.

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  1. Non-Attachment/Detachment
    Sermon Notes

    1. In order to manifest our desire, we must release attachment to the oucome, itself.
    1A. We must act without lust of result (e.g. hoping to get into Heaven).
    1A1. AL teacher pure will, unassuaged of purpose and delivered from the lust of result is every way perfect.
    1A2. To attain this, life itsef needs a certain objective distance; such that is is an experiment of consciousness (that we examine ourselves).
    1A2a. But also in this, all that we do must be given over to Nuit.
    1A2a1. She promises that if we don’t, we lose all.
    1B. Desire is connected to the Will and the manifestation of consciousness.
    1B1. It is about trust and surrender; rather than control.
    1B1a. By giving every particle of our desire over to Nuit or Universal Mind, we detach from purpose or BECAUSE and move towards meaning.

    2. This is not to say one doesn’t work towards the fulillment of desire. Will is action; but that the Will is surrendered to Nuit in the She is the object of desire.
    2A. One then becomes unattached to the effort; enabling the effort to be erformed with great ease.
    2A1. Such ease is the demarcation of talent.
    2A1a. Genius manifests through this.

    3. Detachment is also the ability to experience our feelings and emotions in the moment, without allowing them to control us.
    3A. These are the revelations of pure consciousness; that pure will that are of the body/mind complex that we must drive, like a charioteer that steers the course thorught the battlefield of life.
    3A1. This, our world of contending forces.
    3B. Those not at work constructing their souls, run unconsciously from pain and towards pleasure, which the mistake for desire.
    3B1. Their petty pleasures then, often become traps with horrid consequences, such as addiction or moral malfeasance.
    3B2. Even these petty pleasures; such vices that are service to Hadit (Self), must be engaged with the 8&90 Rules of Art.
    3B2a. To refine one’s pleasurable vices with the sophistication that makes one human and not animal.

    4. Recognize also in responding to the world around you, that many people are not at work, constructing their soul; but are as if zombies, and have not soul. Be careful; lest they provoke a reaction in you, and that you then become attached to them.
    4A. Signs that you are interacting with such a person include:
    o A lack of empathy
    o Emotional responses that seem fake
    o What they say seems scripted
    o No display of interest in most things
    o They pretend to care

    5. One is constantly changing and becoming. Indeed, right desire helps us to navigate through life by bringing meaning to our beingness.
    5A. More than just living in and accpeting the moment, desire moves us forward into the future, which is the key to meaningful action.
    5A1. Maintaining a certain flexibility in response to circumstance is a key to detachment.


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