Castaneda Book

There is a form of prayer that doesn’t ask boons from some supernatural god that requires our devotion and adoration.  It becomes its own revelation of the soul.  There is a rumination with self and a rumination on the lines of holy writ.  Such prayer can make us all prophets:
“The mother standing in the doorway letting her sons
No longer presidents but prophets
They’re all dreaming they’re gonna bear the prophet,
He’s gonna run through the fields dreaming in animation”
–Patti Smith: Birdland

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  1. The Gnostic Dialogue
    or Dialogue w/the Savior

    –for ancient Gnostics, this
    was a rumination over
    a chosen verse of scripture.

    –How close does this sound
    to the Knowledge &
    Conversation of thine
    Holy Guardian Angel?

    [a dialogue with the conscious mind
    and the essence of one’s being.]

    –So that if we make a
    fine study of holy books;
    enough so that we can comment
    upon them, then we are
    engaged in that dialogue.

    –It is not enough to
    passively read the Holy Books,
    but to read their commentaries
    & then formulate our own
    thoughts & commentaries.

    o The Vision Quest and the Merkabah

    –The skrying of the major Atus of
    Atus of the Holy Tarot or of
    Liber 231, these became ways
    to meet w/spirits & to
    dialogue with them;
    that we might better
    come to know ourselves.

    –We must all beocme our own shamans;
    like the ancient Merkabah Mystics.

    o Liber LXV is the perfect example
    of a Gnostic Dialogue by being the
    record of a symbolic or alleghorical
    conversation of an Adept &
    his angel.

    –Chapter I suggests that this dialogue
    is physically transformative; a
    transfiguration of sorts…a lighting
    of the body; a lighting of the Magick
    Lamp, as also suggested by the
    Transcendalist writer: Dr. William
    Bucke in his book: Cosmic Consciousness.

    [We are bringing that essence forth.]

    –Chapter II shows this involves a congealing
    of thought; that cacphonous medly of
    mutiple thoughts in the mind become
    harmonized in the center of the soul.
    (This is a congealing of the soul.)

    […a coming together or assembling of ourself;
    cf. Logos/Heidegger: an appearance of self]

    –Chapter III shows that beyond thought is
    intuition & a more pure apprehension
    of truth.

    –Chapter IV moves beyond this intution &
    stokes the engine that generates the self
    “in motion.”
    [the appearance of the self as a
    perpetual revelation]
    Consicousness & movement of the body
    being perfectly united.

    –Chapter V is attributed to spirit & takes
    in the 4 lements & is the final perfection
    of self; the 4 elements being on unified

    [The ‘asar un nefer’ cf. my notes in Heidegger]

    On another level, this Gnostic Dialouge is a
    question or questions one asks oneself–and
    the answer(s) we give; that being the story
    we tell of our own life.


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