With today’s populism, information on the Schools of Magick has become one lot of confusion.  Pseudo Theosophical schools are the worst at generating this with their six, eight and ten schools plus schools plus their various rays that represent modalities of spiritual authority.  There’s really only three schools of Magick; built on the philosophy of Monism and Dualism.  And let’s assert here that there’s no such thing as a left and right hand path.

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  1. Schools of Magick
    Sermon Notes

    1. Magick, a word that implies wisdom, is a praxis derived from a philosophical view.
    1A. There are three possible philosophical views in general: nihilism, monism and dualism.
    1B. These do not necessarily correspond to the 3 schools of Magick: Yellow, White and Black.
    1B1. Note the 3 Magi (kings) that in our mythology are said to have visited the Christ child.
    1B2. An Asian – for Yellow
    An African – for Black
    A European – for White
    1B2a. They are also called kings, as attaining wisdom is an enoblement.
    1B2b. The races symbolize the colors in the mythos – but the magick doesn’t belong to any race.

    2. Nihilism can have no expression in Magick, as it holds up the idea of futility & meaninglessness in life.
    2A. Radical nihilism denies humanity the right to posit a ‘beyond’ or of all things that could be said to be divine.
    2B. It hold out a pessimism for humanity to alter the human condition into which we are born.
    2B1. It is a psychological discouragement that results from one arriving that all one’s efforts at personal evolution have been ‘in vain.’
    2C. The idea that the Buddhists uphold; life is sorrow, implies the meaninglessness of existence.
    2C1. Al goals in this life are philosophically moot, so that if human existence ever had one, it has already been attained.
    2C2. Escaping the wheel of reincarnation is a yearning for annihilation. This is the center of Buddhist philosophy.
    2C3. Reality itself is viewed as entirely illusory, so that appearance equals suffering.

    3. Buddhism may be said to relate to the Yellow School of Magick, in so far as monism can posit this world as an illusory expression of the spiritual world. Yet the Yellow School does not hold onto any form of pessimism & the opportunity to evolve consciousness is provided.
    3A. The Yellow School holds the view of unity as the fabric of the Universe.
    3A1. The separateness of the material & spiritual worlds are held to be an illusion.
    3A1a. This can support the philosophy of monotheism.
    3A1a1. We are all one.
    3B. Within the Unity of the Universe, a philosophical detachment comes about, as its adepts realize their impotence to alter its totality to even the slightest degree.
    3B1. These adepts develop a contemplative attitude that is relatively stoic in nature.

    4. The first noble truth of the Buddha: “Everything is sorrow” is confused with the idea of sin in the Black School of Magick.
    4A. Like the White School of Magick, the Black School affirms the materiality of the Universe, as actual & real.
    4A1. All phenomena in the material universe is then viewed to ba accursed, so that everything that is even in any way pleasant, would be considered malignantly deceptive.
    4A1a. All pleasure is either a sin or against the law–a common joke.
    4A2. As the Buddhists assert that the cause of sorrow is desire, so desire becomes the motive for sin in the Black School.
    4B. Every action in the Universe is both unavoidable & a crime (original sin); making ignorance & the blackness of mind to be the key to the foundation of the Universe.
    4B1. Only by the ceremonial removal of their sins by proxy can there be any hope of redemption from punishment.

    5. Most conventional religion today belongs to the Black school. Faith & belief stand firm over knowledge & experience; giving viability to ignorance, as a virtue.
    5A. As power corrupts & absolute power corrupts, absolutely, the adepts of the Black School feed off the ignorance of their adherents; taking in material profit & holding political office in order to ensure the viability of the position.
    5A1. The clerical class becomes the key to enforce this power, as fear and punishment are their tools.
    5A2. Like the Yellow and White Schools, the Black School holds no empathy for humanity & views them to be hopeless fools.
    5A2a. The core of humanity has no desire for enlightenment & proselytizing only has value insofar as it can bring more customers in regards to the consumer culture the Black School has now instituted.

    6. The Black School of Magick is not the Black Lodge; the latter being a perversion of the White School of Magick.
    6A. Failure of the Ordeal of the its highest initiation generates this lodge.
    6B. In this ordeal, one learns that he or she is god, but becomes inflated with egotism and holds him or herself above all others; incapable of seeing their divinity.
    6B1. We are all gods, which is a principal tenet of the White School.
    6B1a. We have but to come to know ourselves & our true nature.
    6B1a1. Therefore, we must flood our mind with light; the opposite of the Black School.

    7. The White School holds that “everything is sorrow”–only for the profane; those fools the prefer their dark, ignorant minds. The initiate is taught to transform sorrow into joy.
    7A. It is said that Zoroaster was the first to noe that “nature teaches us, and the Oracles also affirm, that even the evil germs of matter may alike become useful and good.”
    7A1. In the Bhagavad-Gita, interestingly enough, Krsna uses a lie to protect Dharma (truth).
    7B. The co-acceptance of light & darkness is the key to the philosophy of Dualism for the White School.
    7B1. Like the Black School, the White school accepts a Divine & Material realm. The only real distinction is in how to dwell in this material realm.
    7B1a. Rather than abuse its adherents, the White School bids them to ‘Know Thyself’ & holds out a Gnosticism in contrast w/faith & belief.
    7C. Existence is for the White School, a sacrament.
    7C1. All our interactions w/the world are eucharistic.

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