Humor in our view, is intimately entwined with laughter; the most misunderstood and underrated emotion in the human satchel.  It builds health and vitality, as much as it enriches the enjoyment of life, and its gusto.  How great it is that we can really develop our perception of humor, as a tool to produce all the forms of laughter that are available to us.

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  1. Sermon Notes

    1. Humor is first indicated by laughter.
    1A. Laughter is an uncontrolled muscle spasm that can have several psychic affects.
    1A1. Affection & Endearment
    1A1a. Producing a laugh in oneself can produce the same in another.
    1A1a1. A great way to make friends or woo a lover.
    1A2. Courage & Openness
    1A2a. The generation of humor can help us to overcome inhibition & address short-comings.
    1A2a1. Opening a public speech w/a joke or breaking up an awkward situation.

    2. Learning to laugh at yourself can heop one to overcome personal obsessions & trauma.
    2A. Learning to not take oneself too seriously is especially good for the genius, as it replaces arrogance with humility.
    2B. Interpersonally, and as a society, humor can help us to discuss serious social & political issues.
    2B1. Satire is often used in this arena.
    2B1a. Mockery & “gotcha” humor can be counterproductive.

    3. Humor is a great way to relieve stress & provide a temporary reprieve from every day concerns.
    3A. The psycho-physical health effects are well-known.
    3A1. The generation of serotonin & other glandular secretions an produce a sense of well-being & optimism that can move one forward in life.
    3A1a. These glandular secretions have other potential uses, as discussed on our church breviary.

    4. There is also that laughter that comes from recognition of our own shortcomings.
    4A. This can come when we play with & tease children or a dog.
    4A1. We see the narcissism in them & recognize it in ourselves.
    4A1a. This delivers to us a certain humility that can bring the most mature person down-to-earth.

    5. Laughter is generally evolved from a sudden & unexpected twist to a situation, pre-set; either by our vanities or our assumptions.
    5A. It is different from, but akin to the ‘eureka!’ (I found it) or the ‘Aha!’ (now I know) experience.
    5A1. Thou it oes present a revealing.
    5A1a. It can even be the wicked lauhter of madness or of “Hell’s own worm.”
    5A1b. Even the laugher of the folk folly (AL) can provide an ego-trancendent experience by way of our humiliation.

    6. The Trickster (Mercury) & the Fool, as archetypes tap the clown in us, when viewed from within. [Give my little green man’ story.]
    6A. More than laughing at ourselves, as discussed earlier, we need to laugh at our tears & pain.
    6A1. This leads us to that center in ourselves, that is always in a state of joy; no matter the outward reflection.
    6B. The Trickster in the world can be celebrated with April Fool’s pranks & even the ‘Trick-or-Trea’ of Halloween.
    6B1. There can be subtle deceptions that lead to great truths, as much as simply a way to bring out joy in people.
    6B1a. “Life is great joy.” (AL)

    7. So that finally, mirth & laughter are great keys to Gnosis.
    7A. Celebrating holidays together is a great communion.
    7A1. “Aye! Feast, Rejoice! There is no dread hereafter.” (AL)


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