The caring for humanity involves addressing man’s perception of the Universe and his place in it.  In molding how people think, one can influence the tide of human thought and the egregores we build into our personal and social structures.  The most influence one can really have is a very subtle affect cast into the human psyche that is in part, what is meant when it is said the Master of the Temple cast his star into the heavens.
So don’t underestimate the large affect such can have on the body politic.  There are those that have defined their age in history.  And all has come from an idea and the drive one person has to promulgate that idea.

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  1. Care for Humanity
    Sermon Notes

    1. Is the human race in any danger?
    1A. If so, would that be physical, spiritual or both?
    1A1. Superstitious religionists connect them both; linking physical danger with sinful behavior, as punishment from God.
    1A1a. This is fear-mongering.
    1B. Should we care about racial danger?
    1B1. Obsessing with danger takes us out of the now.
    1B2. Spiritual danger robs us of our evolutionary development.
    1B2a. Does an eschatological mythos serve our culture?
    1B2a1. It can only instill fear in us.

    2. What is the teleological import in human culture?
    2A. Are we children of God?
    2A1. Sons of God (Logos)/Daughters of God (Shekinah). These symbols were used to indicate the involution (Sons) and the evolution (Daughters).
    2B. Is there a structural plan for humanity by way of “Intelligent Design”?
    2B1. To imply this is to imply a supernatural god.
    2B1a. A telelogical involution need not suggest this. Rather the archetypal hologram provides for a pantheistic universe.
    2B1a1. All is God.

    3. Human culture begins with civilization; the organization of people into city/states that frees us from the tyranny of nature.
    3A. Here’s where the teleological projection of the Divine takes hold; the Sons of God mating with the Daughters of Men.
    3A1. Neschamah (top down) and Nephesch (bottum up) to generate Ruach.
    3A1a. Neschama creates Adam Kadmon (Sons of God) as holographic archetype.
    3A1b. Nephesch creates material vehicle (Daughters of Men) for the Adam Kadmon.
    3B. The Sons of God are the procreative spirit; the teleological projection. And the Daughters of Men are the flesh that receives the L.V.X.

    4. Civilization is but a step in the ontological evolution of human consciousness. It arouses in us, the conscious desire to evolve–PURE WILL that in itself is equivalent to the generative evolution fo the Universe at large–Agape.
    4A. Accepting a telelogical vision informs us that we are in no danger; even that our race could be wiped from the face of the Earth & it would begin again.
    4A1. Therefor no savior is necessary. But facilitators, such as Secret Chiefs can aid in our ontological awareness.
    4A1a. These are the Gnostic Saints found in our own school of thought; each bringing their own generation to its own unique connection with the Divine.

    5. With each generation and into each age, the social, cultural and material conditions are unique. These are amplified by our prophets and shamans.
    5A. In today’s terminology, these be artists & scientists; our poets, inventors or medical researchers.
    5B. We have a wide array of disciplines in medicine, education & the arts in contrast w/the anciend prophets & shamans.

    6. The evolution of the human soul is another matter that requires someone to read the signposts in the present in order to inspire the direction people will move towards as our days progress.
    6A. So that still the prophet & shaman have not been negated by the specialization inherent in modern society.
    6B. Spiritual leadership is a very covert act & yet the most powerful magick.
    6B1. We see this in people & H.P.B. Though their characters are maligned & their reputations are in the dust, their stars are in the heavens, and groups that despise them don’t even know how much of their work they’ve incorporated into their own theoretical structures.
    6B1a. This is what it means for the Master of the Temple to cast his star into the heavens.
    6B1b. And in this, as an Exempt Adept, he or she had already formulated his or her plan for the care of humanity.
    6B1c. What remains is for our generation to do the same.


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