Three degrees of unanimity; the difference between these three often misused terms: divination, prophecy & revelation is far smaller than it seems on a surface inspection of these ideas.  All involve contact with a part of human consciousness that recognizes things divine and/or praeterhuman.  Prediction of the future is a superstitious trap that implies our future is carved in stone, which holds those who adhere to such in a void of inactivity and meaninglessness.  There has to be a better use for such a potent, intuitive and human force.  In that, a message is brought to provide greater insight in to the nature of our being.

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  1. Notes for this sermon:

    Divination, Prophecy & Revelation

    These words are relatively interchangeable.

    1. A superstitious people look for a sign; miracle seekers, so easily fooled.
    1A. We must always cast aspersion on superstitious practices.
    1B. If the future is carved in stone, there is no free will.

    2. Divination is a verb that means to look into that which is unseen. It’s root is the same as the noun (or adjective) divine, which is the unseen god (and IT’s quality).
    2A. The future & the past is held fully in the now & both are dreams.
    2A1. Now is the consciousness of the divine.
    2A1a. This consciousness is found in the astral vision.

    3. Prophecy is the same thing–not about predicting the future; but inn the examination of now & where the future is shaped by our memory of the past & the now.
    3A. As divination is more about the individual, prophecy is generally more concerned wiith the fate of a people; e.g., the visions of the Merkabah mystics-armies of god ridding the unjust from the world.
    3A1. Fate is determined by character.

    4. Revelation is the exposure of and communication with praeternatural intelligence. It becomes the ‘word of God.’
    4A. Such writings of import, detail the ‘holy’ thoughts of such beings, as are emissaries of the Divine.

    5. Tarot, Astrology, I-Ching; the Magick Mirror or Crystal Ball are all tools used in Divination.
    5A. Clairaudience, trance-produced oracularity, Automatic Writing; these are some of the tools for prophecy, divination & revelation.
    5B. Astral travel & the Merkabah Tradition, which does down into the 7 heavens is yet another tool, but used mostly for prophecy & revelation & not divination.
    5B1. The Merkabah was mostly used by the jews during a period of captivity w/predictions of good triumphing over evil.
    5B1a. The divine realms can be a map of consciousness.
    5B1b. Consciousness is all there is.

    6. If prohecy, divnation & revelation don’t predict the future, what could possibly be their purpose?
    6A. The messages tnherese activities enerate must ‘reveal’ a deeper insight into human events & history.
    6A1. History is a part of being–Heidegger.
    6A1a. Revelations, such as the precession of the Equinox started such.
    6B. Prophecy is connected to the zeitgeist of a people & generates a mythos that breeds mutual identification w/a community.
    6B1. A sense of holiness becomes attached to the prophecy & the righteousness of a people to exist in history.
    6B2. These writings by the Merkabah Mystics were called apocalypses.
    6B3. These writings would be a form of shamanism for a literate state.

    7. What is the importance for the practicing Gnostic?
    7A. There is an inner Universe to explore; that is, human consciousness.
    7B. We learn more about the powers & nature of our being.
    7B1. We wake up to our mystical nature & learn to incorporate it into our apprehension of the ourselves.

    8. The revelation of Liber AL & 418 puts together a system of theurgy that leads to Gnosis.
    8A. This went at the zeitgeist created by the Book of Revelagtion & rehabilitated the goddess that had been teurned into a beast; firts by Daniel & thhen in Revelation.
    8A1. Ultimately, a community must accept this, as w/any qabalah/prophecy.


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