Terot Backing_Rose-Cross

The rose on the cross is a Renaissance era symbol that appears at the start of a restoration of the Western formula of Gnosis.  As a symbol, it has come to grow through so many schools of the Western Mystery Tradition.  And it sits at the start of the Eucharist of Five Elements that is celebrated in our Rosicrucian Mass.

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  1. Sermon Notes: The Rosy Cross

    1. The symbol of Rosy Cross is a relatively modern innovation on a very ancient symbol.
    1A. The sumbo of the cross predates Christianity by thousands of years.
    1A1. The rose was affixed to it during the Renaissance with the emergence of the Rosicrucian order.
    1A1a. Probably founded by John Dee; though no one really knows who, nor who actually beonged to the order.
    1B. Affixing the Rose on the corss represents an early attempt at restoring the Goddess’ presence into the Christian Mythos.
    1B1. However, though the tyranny of the Roman church is beginning to wane, even outwardly, the Rosicruicans could not profess this.
    1B1a. This is why all the alchemical literature that they developed praised Jesus Christ at the heading of every manuscript.

    2. The Rose also conveys the idea of love; conveyed outwardly as the heart of Jesus, who himself was presented as a effiminate character.
    2A. In ouru own holy book; Liber LXV, the first verse immediatley proclaims: “I an the heart…”
    2A1. This begs the penultimate Gnostic question: who am I?

    3. Often, the Rosy Cross is deicted with a serpent entwined about it; echoed in the second half ot he openting snetence to the first ver of Liber LXV: “…and the snake is entwined about the invisible core of the mind.”
    3A. The serpent is an ancient symbol for spirit and representative of many ancient gods.
    3A1. The scene in the Old Testament that shows Moses’ rod turned into a serpent, devouring the many serpents of the pharoah’s mages is meant to show the one god is mightier than all the others.
    3A1a. Thou shalt have no other god before me.
    3B. The serpent as phallus; connected w/the rod & the rose, as the symbol of the Kteis, together, represent a symbol fo the biune god.
    3B1. “There is the dove & there is the serpent. Choose ye well.”
    3B1a. Choose both!
    3B1a1. The inner & outer experience of union w/Adonai.

    4. The cross itself has two facets of expression; light & humanity’s emergence from the unconsciousness of its animal nature.
    4A. As a symbol of light, it isa reflection of the twinking of every star, which naturally forms a cross with a dot in the center.
    4A1. “Every man and every woman is a star.”
    4A1a. The twinkles of the stars & the crosses they form, extend to touch every other star; showing our interconnection to each other.
    4A1a1. This is reflected in Crowley’s Star-Sponge Vision.
    4B. As a symbol of evolution, the cross is the ancient Tau; showing humanity standing erect & no longer dragging ts knuckes on the ground, like its ape predecessor.
    4B1. Evolution is then reflective of the process of Gnosis; coming to know oneself with conscious awareness of the world within & without.
    4B1a. Within & without is vitally important, in order to overcome narcissism, which is the natural human tendency.

    5. The esoteric revelation proferred by Christianity is the knowledge that God is in me; in us all, which is the less of Tiphareth–the Tau.
    5A. Spirit in the body (animal) fuses with it to create the soul; symbolized by the serpent entwined about the Tau.
    5B. The ‘word’ or LOGOS then issues forth; not unlike the Rose that opens up in its flowering to speak to the world and profer the perfumed fragrance of its breath.
    5B1. This annoints the world, as does the voice of all prophets with the word of God.
    5B1a. Chirst is a word that means annointing; every prophet being a Christ.
    5B1a1. For us, Christ means genius; that we should all act in the world.


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