Sacred Space and its mindset produces and emanates from a sense of wonder and awe.  Whether this belong to the external landscape of the world around us, or the internal landscape of the mind, it is a key to life’s meaningfulness and its pure joy.  Through this inner sensibility, the Divine is reached in a direct manner and one stands face to face with God.

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  1. Sermon Notes
    Sacred Space

    1. Sacred Space has four unique dimension; inner, outer, above & below.
    1A. Inner space is the spaceof your mind & body.
    1A1. The body has been called the ‘temple of the Holy Ghost.’
    1A1a. Health issues include the food we eat, the air we breathe & smoking, et al.
    21A1a1. Smoking & the compleixity of culture & entertaining the brain are issues of interest.
    1A2. The mind can be likened to a field w/its own real-estate.
    1A2a. The connection of brain & mind bring attention to physical health.
    1A2a1. But the mind has its own dimension.
    1A2b. The terrain of the psyche has been divided into right & left brain functions, as well as conscious & subconscious functions.
    1A2b1. The Western Mystery Tradition divides this wih the map of the Ruach.
    1B. Outer space would comprise the social dynamic that is both society & family.
    1B1. There are those of one’s kin or clan and those who are not of us.
    1B1a. Cults tend to raise a heightened awareness of this.
    1C. The Above & Below tend to go together. In traditional religion, God represents the Above, & it is his will that needs to be done on Earth; the Below.
    1C1. Indeed, the unitiing of Heaven & Earth is the key to Western Magick.
    1C1a. The anicent Egyptian man-god was Osiris; the equivalent of Jesus in our churches today, & judging the living and the dead. His constellation in the sky was mapped on Earth with the placement of the pyramids on the Giza Plateau.
    1C1a1. This also delivers to us the concept of god & country; the land & the king are one, as in Arthurian legend.

    2. For Gnostics, the outer & the above also hold saced places that deliver to us or evoke in us, a sense of awe.
    2A. This certainly involves archetypes of the psyche; extended into the world.
    2A1. The archetype of the self delivers to us the gods of our pantheons, as much as individua gods portray the various roles we play in the world.
    2A1a. So that a place on Earth that commemorates a god becomes sacred, as does his or her temples & churches.
    2A1a1. Sacred Mountains: Mt. Olympus, the burning bush on Arahat, Golgotha.
    2A1a2. Sacred Rivers: Ganges, Red Sea, Nile, Rubicon
    2B. These archetypes are also extended onto the map of the heavens; the constellated stars telling an epic & mythic story.
    2B1. More than the Egyptian equilibration of Earth & Heaven w/Osiris, the Greco-Roman myths used the sky, as did the early Christians & Gnostics.
    2B1a. Indeed, the North Star having moved in 69 BCE, gave rise to the concept of the Demiurge.

    3. All of what has been elucidated here leads to one important factor in the psyche that leads us to the direct perception of the Divine. And that is the sense of AWE that is evoked in contemplating sacred space.
    3A. Such space, whether it is the sanctuary of the Gnosis; here in our church, or the night sky from your back yard–or even a sacred grove or favorite camping spot, can evoke this uniquely human feeling.
    3A1. And let’s not forget the campfire and how that evokes this sense.
    3A1a. For me, Herman Hesse gave me Abraxas; about the campfire in his novel, Demian.
    3B. Such AWE is an a-rational feeling that brings in the contemplation & rumination of the Divine.
    3B1. We can then find the Divine directly, in the world, in the sky & in ourselves.


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