The Doctrine of Predestiny that serves as a core philosophy for Calvinist Christianity has an echo among some physicists that take the explosion of the Big Bang Theory to have set particles in motion in a mathematically pre-disposed manner.  For them, eveything that has happened is, has been, and will be inevitable.  So to assert that there is such a thing, as Free Will is as radical a notion, as anything that Gnostic philosophy has ever brought forth.

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  1. Sermon Notes
    Free Will

    1. Science presents the Universe through a fixed, mechanistic paradigm.
    1A. The Big Bang explodes the Universe into being.
    1A1. This may at first seem chaotic from a macro-viewpoint.
    1A2. On a micro-view, particles attracting & repelling each other create inevitability.
    1A2a. All things that are, must then come to be.

    2. Without the recognition of the human soul, or the ability to define consiousness–a major problem for physicists, volition semms absent.
    2A. As particles attract & repel each other, nebulae forming into stars & planets create galaxies.
    2A1. This is a seemingly blind volition that assumes the Universe has no consciousness, & that it is not an ensouled body in itself.
    2A1a. The 4 strong & weak forces are observalbe capacities that are at play without an understanding of why or how they exist.
    2B. The plantes themselves, then evolve in a fixed, pre-destined manner, with reat variety.
    2B1. Not all planets produce life as we know it.
    2B2. Focusing on our planet, life evolves, yet even the seemingly random meteor collisions are said to be fixed.
    2B2a. The elimination o dinosaurs & sebsequent evolution of our species can then be said to be pre-destined.
    2B3. An interesting question: Should we avoid a metoric catastrope & advance our technology to predict & repel meteors, can we consider this also to be pre-destined?
    2B3a. The survival instinct would be at play here. And this is a measure of consciousness.
    2B3a1. So that as we don’t understand the why & how of the strong and weak forces, we also don’t understand the why & how of consciousness.

    3. Knowing that consciousness is housed in our bodies, that are also of the planet, we are constrained to te limitations of our bodies.
    3A. The limitations of pour bodies & physical reality provde the first constraint ON Free Will.
    3A1. We can’t fly, live under water; et al.
    3B. Consciousness being limtied to our bodies & to our five senses, limits the infomation we might need to expand our will through greater awareness.
    3B1. Education, rumination and reflections provide a certain counter-balance.
    3B1a. The human imagination also adds a lot.

    4. By analogy, we might like Free Will to something constrained in a fish bowl.
    4A. That our physical or mental being has certain limitations, we can move anywhere we want within the fishbowl.
    4A1. In other words there is no pre-destination for our lives in the context of human culture.
    4B. Yet we are not alone inside that fish bowl, and live in a world of contending forces, by which we do delimit each oher.
    4B1. his brings a need for certain disciplines to better hold up in the world.
    4B2. We are left with sets of choices based on our status & pedigree; wealth & family, within our culture.
    4B2a. Intelligence, emotional disposition, courage, strength & passion all the capacities of the elementals discusses in the collects of our Rosicrucian Mass.
    4B2b. Our passion & determination can rise above status & pedigree.
    4B2b1. This can also be ascribed to personality trains & charisma, as well as creativity.


  2. Free will is simple. If astrology is true and astronomy can predict the path of the planets then free will is an illusion.

    People accept the astronomy and reject the astrology.

    However those of us who have studied know the cycles and symbols are true.

    Therefore there should be no debate. Everything is as it should be, we are all agents of a grander plan happening beyond our sphere of cognition. We do see the effects and delineate the causes.

    That is the doctrine of grace, pretty much.


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