Samsara might be said to be accurate perception, our intuition taking first the apprehension of the object of perception within oneself; its perfect form and moving it forward towards the object to create an intimate understanding of that object.  Placing all objects and the whole of our perception in a functional paradigm allows us the imagination to create both ourselves and our world.  This is the effective and practical use of the Maya; and not make the assumption that it is all so unreal.  But rather to know that it can be molded into something that is very real, and is born of both the spiritual and the material planes of being.

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  1. Samsara & Maya
    Sermon Notes

    1. There is a problem with traditional mystical teaching in the West on this subject.
    1A. Diferent philosophical schools appraoch this differently.
    1A1. Yellow School (monist) takes a more nihilistic perspective.
    1A2. White School (dualist) holds a more phenomenological view.
    1A2a. Its nemesis, the Black School holds to the White School perspective, but confuses the matter with heaven & hell.

    2. Modern sub-atomic physics offers no relief from the philosophical debate.
    2A. The incredible amount of space between the particles of an atom can be used to suggest the nihilistic view of the Yellow School, or we can find the electro-magnetic field that shows force in this space to be an important phenomenon that holds up the White School argument.
    2A1. Our understanding of the world depends on our interpretation of the quantum physics.
    2A1a. And we should note that Einstein found quantum physics to be a contradiction of relativity.

    3. We can compound this with the problem of ‘scientism’–‘ism’ always being a corruptive stain on pure thought. (cf. Motta’s writings on coining the term Christism.)
    3A. Scientism holds the view that philosophy is moot in terms of trancendental thought, so that apart from ethics, philosophical inquiry holds no value.
    3A1. This is an extreme view on the nature of materialism.
    3A1. 3 Ages – our prior sermons
    o material
    o spiritual
    o integrated

    4. The philosopher Emmanuel Kant purports that all we perceive of te Universe or Multiverse is generated by the field of the mind–the a-priori.
    4A. Time & distance are actually a mater of perception & not actuality (necessarily).
    4A1. This certainlyo can suggest the idea that the Universe & its expanse is an illusion; supporting the Yellow School.
    4A1a. But the Yellow School also negates the self & the mind that even perceives this.
    4A2. The White School immerses itself in the a-priori; accepting the self & the other; matter & spirit.
    4A2a. It isi the integrated, transcendent that it works towards; establishing the individuated self.

    5. For us, as Gnostics, to say the mind’s not real; that our perception is illusion, is to negate the idea of Gnosis.
    5A. The Samsara of the mind & the Maya that generates the world are minfest in our perception; ignorance or ‘agnosis.’
    5A1. Maya denies the material substance of the Universe, as it has no interest in even the possibility of spiritual substance.
    5A1a. In terms of physics, we as Gnostics can accept the sub-atomic particle as substantial & the electro-magnetic fields as aethyric.
    5A2. Samsara requires the we lose attachment to both desire & objects of desire; being the source of sorrow.
    5A2a. We as Gnostics say that such attachment has everything to do with human achieement, culture & history.
    5A2a1. Samsara for us is in mindless living; the uninvestigated life that Socrates said, was not worth living.
    5A2b. Yet there is a form of detachment that we seek in striving to accept the world on its own terms & to strive to transcend its dichotomies in our judgments.
    5A2b1. This we call Silence; the 4th Power of the Sphinx.

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