The twice-lost sermon is presented here.  In both April and May we tried to broadcast our monthly Rosicrucian Mass, with the Internet failing us.  And because of no broadcast, we offered the same sermon to our attending congregation; both sermons not being recorded because of the broadcast failure.  So looking into a camera on my desk, I recorded this sermon for our archive.

Please see the sermon video below, and the notes used to deliver the sermon below that.
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  1. Prayer & Ritual
    1. What is prayer?
    1A. Superstitious Prayer
    1A1. Asking for boons from god or gods by plea, persuasion or bargain.
    1B. Gnostic Prayer
    1B1. A means by which a sympathetic or psychic connection is made between the world around you or the Universe above, and without you, with the Universe within you.
    1B2. Sympathetic Magick is the oldest form of Gnostic Prayer.
    1B2a. Instead of identifying with the herd of buffalo, we are hunting the power to apprehend consciousness.
    1B3. Gnostic Prayer is also ritual in much the same way oboriginals danced before a hunt.
    2. Who or what does one pray to?
    2A. If we, ourselves are gods, there can be no supernatural deity to pray to.
    2A1. Gnostic prayer is not a pleding; but again, a sympathetic magick for the greater apprehension of consciousness.
    3. Ritual is simply moving prayer–a moving of the soul in the performance of art.
    3A. A dance, a play or dramatic ritual that is the expression of that connection between the self & the Universe.
    3B. Ritual focuses the mind and body in a proactive demonstration of that connection; this in contrast with prayer that focuses the mind internally.
    3B1. Internally, thinking, ruminating & daydreaming become forms of astral projection.
    3B2. Images & symbols in theh mind, empower the mind to a greater depth & breadth of perception. These can be expressed internally or externally acted out in rites; called mystery plays.
    4. A quality that belongs to both ritual & prayer is TRANCE.
    4A. Trance isthe Bhakti aspect; the emotive connection that is called adoration & results in devotion.
    4A1. It is love under will or the Universe speaking through the individual–a wonder.
    4A2. It can manifest as an anthropomorphic or mythologica being that has the character of a Superman, or God or hero.
    4B. Mythology is then the recorded prayer when expressed poetically, and a mystery play when acted out, as either a play or a ritual.
    4B1. In modern culture, Clark Kent is Dionysis & Batman is Horus.
    4B2. The story of personal transformation is played out; the effeminate nature of the alter ego & the god that is hidden behind the mask.
    5. Re-enactments of myths become mystery plays & each generation tells these myths for itself. 20th Century superheroes have become as much our new mythology developing, as UFO’s & aliens have become the new angels.
    5A. We draw our values and ideals form these.
    5B. Our cultural paradigm creates itself through this and our culure becomes historic in the Heideggarian sense.
    6. The story is always the same; a fractured consciousness to be made whole. And yet eacy generation in its uniqueness must re-tell the story in its own terms.
    6A. Sophocles, Euripedes, Aeschyus & even Sartre re-told the story of Oedipus.
    6A1. This they set to mystery plays.
    6B. King Arthur–the king & the land are one & have their cycle of function & dysfunction.
    6C. So many cultures have stories of a descent into the hell of psychic fracturing and the journey to restoration, resurrection and redemption.
    7. So again, prayer & ritual serves for us as a sympathetic magick that brings us to a greater wholeness or wellness in order that we might perceive consciousness with a greater depth & breadth.
    We are opening ourselves to what we are to ‘BECOME’ and transforming ourselves from a fractured state to a wholeness of being.
    8. This change into a wholesome state of constantly BECOMING is the ability to compose our lives. We are employing the formula of ‘love under will.’
    8A. This must necessarily result in the knowledge & conversation of the HGA.
    8A1. The K&C of HGA is the state of consciousness by which we can see and fully apprehend our being as constantly BECOMING.


  2. I just want to say that many of the things you said regarding the subject matter has been on my mind for a very long time. You’ve helped open up some new questions about prayer because I’ve always had difficulty understanding this aspect of ourselves that needs someone to help. Thank you very much Paul.


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