Consciousness is a force of being and beingness that inflicts itself on the body and into the world of contending forces.  It pervades within and without all of sentient life, and all life is sentient; per the Doctrine of the 4 Yods in our Rosicrucian Mass.  It is the Dao and the Force of Star Wars and Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious, the Universal Mind, God in its anthropomorphic expression.  And it is from this that we create our personality in harmony with those elements that come from the experience of our lives.

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  1. Force & Consciousness
    Sermon Notes

    1. In Star Wars, the Force is explained, as an amalgam of the Collecive Consciousness (Jungian phrase) of all living things.
    1A. It suggests the metaphysical concept of a Universal Consciousness or a Universal Mind.
    1A1. This has been called God in anthropomorphic form.
    1A1a. Thus, the will or the Force is the Will of God.
    1A1a1. Thelema in Greek

    AL:III.2 “I am the Lord of the Double Wand of Power; the wand of the Force of Coph Nia–but my left hand is emtpy, for I have crushed an Universe; & nought remains.”

    2. A “Double Wand” implies a dual or polaric force. Positive & negative poles forming a field of consciousness. The symbol of the Wand suggests the Will.
    2A. All we know of consciousness is that it is connected with Will or volition.
    2A1. Physicists have not been able to quantify consciousness; it remains in the realm of metaphysics.
    2B. We then identify Will with essence & being.
    2B1. We can then, sense the at a state of tension; due to the polaric force.

    3. Heidegger, in his ‘Introduction to Metaphysics,’ indicates that being comes to beingness by a violent force. Thus, he concludes that being if violence.
    3A. Merely by taking up space & breathing, we violently push against other beings that would take up that space & kill microbs in the air that we would be caught up in our breathing.
    3A1. For that matter, we kill plants & animals for nourishment & survival.
    3B. Liber AL talks of a war-engine for the fully-realized being.
    AL:III.7 “I will give you a war engine.”
    AL:III.8 “With it ye shall smite the peoples; and none shall stand before you.”
    3B1. Thus, does consciousness force itself upon the world; even into our bodies.
    3B1a. We create ourselves by consideration of the ‘I’ and the ‘Not-I’ until a personality becomes fully developed.
    3B1a1. This becomes the transcendent point of the dialectic.

    4. AL:III.58 “But the keen and the proud, the royal and the lofty; ye are brothers!”
    AL:III.59 “As brothers fight ye!”
    AL:III.60 “There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.”
    The creative struggle to become; to create the self generates a history of being or body of work that can only come about through great effort and with a price to be paid for this effort.
    4A. The sleepers; those who choose to ge along & get along with the herd will castigate the one who shows the quality of character that we call personality.
    4A1. AL:I.10 “Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule over the many & the known.”
    All greatness has been eschewed when originally presented to the world.
    4A1a. Great inventions were feared, as great art was ridiculed.
    4A1a1. Surgery for example, or the art of Van Gogh or Thelonius Monk.
    4A1b. But sometimes after it’s first presentation its greatness becomes obvious & it leads in its discipline or industry.
    4B. We do not live in isolation; the individual is as dependent upon the community, as the community is dependent upon the individual.
    4B1. And yet the individual needs also, the community of other individuals; that they can fortify each other.
    4B1a. These together can better provide a defense against the attack of the sleepers who are complacent & only seek to conform the mainstream or mob.
    4B2. So again, AL speaks to these few to work to support each other:
    AL:III.59 “As brothers fight ye!”
    4B2a. Indeed, “peace on Earth” would present a social stagnancy that would destroy humanity.
    4B2a1. It would eiher destroy cutlure & innovation or end history itself.


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